New Zealand Excellence Awards: A Golden Opportunity for Indian Scholars


In a significant stride towards fostering educational ties, New Zealand has introduced the Season III New Zealand Excellence Awards, a scholarship program exclusively designed for Indian students. Valued at over 1 crore, this initiative reflects New Zealand’s growing status as a preferred destination for Indian students pursuing overseas studies. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting opportunity.

Emergence of New Zealand as a Preferred Destination: Over the years, New Zealand has witnessed a surge in Indian student enrollments, marking a 10% increase in 2017. The trend continued in 2018, with a 5% rise in first-time visas for Indian students, according to data from June. This growth can be attributed to the country’s welcoming academic environment and diverse course offerings.

Overview of New Zealand Excellence Awards: The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) is offering a total of 34 scholarships, comprising 9 for undergraduate and 25 for postgraduate studies. These scholarships cover a spectrum of courses, including STEM, Fashion, and Business. Notably, the awards encompass partial fee scholarships for the first semester across all eight prestigious New Zealand Universities.

Participating Universities:

  1. University of Otago
  2. Victoria University of Wellington
  3. University of Waikato
  4. The University of Auckland
  5. Massey University
  6. Lincoln University
  7. AUT University
  8. University of Canterbury

Scholarship Values:

  • Undergraduate Studies: 10,000 NZ$
  • Postgraduate Studies: 5,000 NZ$

New Zealand Masters Campaign: In collaboration with Universities New Zealand, Education New Zealand has launched the New Zealand Masters (NZM) campaign. This initiative presents Indian students with 18-month industry-linked postgraduate qualifications across all eight universities. The courses offered aim to align with students’ career paths, providing extended options for professional growth.

Education Initiatives Unveiled: Education New Zealand South, South East Asia Regional Director John Laxon recently announced these groundbreaking education initiatives for Indian students. The unveiling ceremony witnessed the presence of Brand Ambassador Kriti Sanon, reflecting the shared commitment towards fostering educational excellence.

Conclusion: The Season III New Zealand Excellence Awards underscore New Zealand’s commitment to nurturing global talent and promoting academic collaboration. Indian students aspiring for quality education abroad now have the opportunity to access world-class courses with the support of these scholarships. As the doors to New Zealand’s academic landscape open wider, this initiative is set to contribute to the educational journey of countless aspiring scholars.

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