Are you also preparing to take the NCLEX and feeling overwhelmed with anxiety? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. The NCLEX can be a daunting experience, but it’s also an achievable milestone on your journey to becoming a registered nurse. In this blog post, we’ll dive into a real-life NCLEX experiences shared by a various nurses, determined individual who faced all 145 questions and still came out victorious. This story is a testament to the power of preparation, resilience, and the belief that “anything is possible.”

The NCLEX Exam Experience

Many nursing students have scribbled in their NCLEX journey that they started with high expectations but encountered quite a different reality. The first 10 questions set the tone for the entire exam, with the initial few being deceptively easy. However, the challenge escalated quickly as the dreaded SATA (Select-All-That-Apply) questions entered the scene. Unlike popular beliefs that the NCLEX is easier than practice exams, several test-taker found these questions to be tricky and confidence-shaking.

What’s unique about the NCLEX is its computer-adaptive format, which means the test adapts to your performance. You never truly know how well you’re doing, making it a test of both knowledge and self-assurance. The exam focused heavily on concepts related to infection control, sex education, personal protective equipment (PPE), and patient education, so having a strong grasp of these areas is crucial.

Surprisingly, various test-takers for NCLEX found themselves answering all 145 questions, a situation they hadn’t expected. There’s an option to do additional questions at the end, which many nursing students and NCLEX winners advise against. If you see the pop-up indicating the exam is over, take it and don’t subject yourself to unnecessary stress. They speak from experience, as they spent an extra 25 minutes doing unnecessary questions.

Study Resources:

To prepare for the NCLEX, many successful test takers and heros relied on a combination of study resources, including:

  1. uWorld: This comprehensive question bank with rationales was a game-changer. It not only boosted confidence in answering priority questions and SATAs but also helped differentiate between emergency situations and non-emergencies. However, it can be expensive and occasionally make you feel overwhelmed.
  2. Archer: Archer’s quiz bank and rapid review videos offered a nursing-centered approach, which was appreciated. The lecture videos, taught by a nurse, focused on NCLEX-relevant content rather than excessive medical details. Archer also has a CAT (Computer-Adaptive Testing) feature, which various NCLEX preparing test-takers found useful.
  3. YouTube Resources: Various nursing aspirants have been known to find a wealth of support on YouTube, with channels like Nexus Nursing, NCLEX High Yield, Beautiful Nursing, and Mark Klimek offering valuable insights. Nexus Nursing’s humorous rationales helped information stick, while NCLEX High Yield provided solid test-taking strategies. Beautiful Nursing’s comprehensive review and Mark Klimek’s lectures were also part of the study plan.

Advice for Aspiring Nurses:

Based on their experience, many NCLEX success story offers some valuable advice:

  1. Expect 145 Questions: Regardless of how prepared you are or your self-assessment scores, be ready for all 145 questions.
  2. Believe in Yourself: Understand that the NCLEX is designed for you to pass. If you’re getting questions beyond the initial 75, you’re still in the game.
  3. Stay Calm: During the exam, don’t let nerves get the best of you. Take a deep breath and approach each question with confidence.
  4. Focus on Fundamentals: Prioritize studying nursing fundamentals, including safety, infection prevention, patient education, and ethics.
  5. Embrace the Challenge: You may never feel completely prepared for the NCLEX, but it’s meant to test your knowledge and skills. Go in with the mindset that you can conquer it.
  6. Seek Support: Whether it’s through faith or finding helpful resources, remember to reach out for support during this challenging journey.

The NCLEX is undoubtedly a formidable challenge, but as demonstrated by many many NCLEX successful brave test-taker, it’s surmountable. With dedication, the right study resources, and unwavering self-belief, you too can answer all 145 questions with a good pop-up at the end. Keep this success story in mind as you embark on your own NCLEX journey, and remember, “YOU GOT THIS RN!”