Maths is all about the numbers and calculation. The numbers involved in the maths can be simple as well as complex. The subject is interesting but requires brain twisting activities. Therefore, it is the subject grounded upon practical knowledge and logical reasoning.

Maths is an important subject in all the aspect because numbers are the part of our life. Every part of the world rotates between these numbers even the smallest question requires judicious reasoning.

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Mathematics is the calculation that an individual does to find out the daily expenditure and income, in the same way the other use maths to solve the queries in the professional part, whereas rest use maths to give logical reasons for the newly discovered stuffs. These are only some of general use of mathematics but it plays a key role within the individual and a country as a whole.

Maths makes students responsible, calculative, sharpens their brain and makes them capable to take a correct decision. Maths is the favourite subject to some students whereas it is a matter of headache to others. A question can run our mind that, why different students have different views regarding the subject? But then, several reasons may stand behind a single question: some students get a very good grip in the subject due to the constant practise and the other possesses sharp thinking and analysing power so they are able to handle mathematical questions. This does not obviously mean that rest of the students can never carry up maths as their future preference. As we know, multiple reasons make students aggressive towards the subject like the way it is taught, methods of putting up the ideas and unclear doubt that gets accumulated with time and all this have greater effect in the assignment they are provided and thus hampering there overall performance. If students overcome such problems and a proper method for engraving ideas is developed, the entire individual can surely come up with good result in the upcoming days.

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