GAT Exam: Overview

The General Aptitude Test (GAT), or قدرات in Arabic, is a standardized test that assesses your skills in various cognitive areas. It is a crucial component of academic and career development in many Arabic-speaking countries. While the exam is primarily administered in Arabic, there are instances where it is conducted in English. In this blog, we will explore how to prepare effectively for the GAT exam in English, drawing from the insights of individuals who have taken it.

  1. Understand the GAT Format

The first step in preparing for the GAT exam in English is to understand its format. As per the experiences shared by test-takers, the English version of the GAT closely mirrors the Arabic version in terms of question style. Therefore, you can use resources designed for the Arabic GAT as a reference.

  1. Vocabulary Matters

One common piece of advice from those who have taken the English GAT is the importance of vocabulary. Invest time in building your English vocabulary as it will be essential in comprehending and answering the exam questions effectively. Consider daily vocabulary exercises to expand your word bank.

  1. Utilize English GAT Study Resources

While English GAT-specific resources may be limited, some materials are available to aid your preparation. A recommended resource is the book available at Jarir Bookstore, which has been used successfully by some test-takers.

  1. Translate and Adapt

If you have access to Arabic GAT materials, you can use them to your advantage. Test-takers have reported that the questions in the English GAT are often translations of the Arabic version. Use this to your benefit by translating Arabic questions to English, practicing the English equivalents.

  1. Online Resources

In the digital age, online resources can be a great asset. One user shared a Google Drive link containing study materials for the GAT. It’s worth exploring online forums and groups dedicated to GAT preparation for additional resources and support.

  1. Consider the Regular GAT

If you are proficient in Arabic, consider taking the regular قدرات exam. Some test-takers have found it easier in both sections compared to the English version. Remember that acing the regular GAT can open up more opportunities, as it is widely accepted in Arabic-speaking countries.

Preparing for the GAT exam in English may seem challenging due to limited resources, but with the right approach, it can be manageable. Understanding the exam format, building your English vocabulary, utilizing available study materials, and considering the regular GAT are all valuable strategies to succeed. Remember that consistent effort and practice are key to achieving a high score on the GAT exam, regardless of the language in which it is administered. Good luck with your GAT preparation journey!