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What exactly is engineering?

Engineering is the use of math and science to create solutions to problems related to human welfare and environmental welfare. Engineers play a critical role in bringing breakthroughs to the rest of the world. Engineers decipher how things work and use scientific discoveries.

They are critical to making those ideas available to the rest of the world. Innovators and scientists are often applauded for innovations that better the human condition, but engineers are vital in making those concepts understandable to the whole world.

Engineering history is intertwined with the history of human civilisation. Our engineering legacy includes the Parthenon, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, and the Giza Pyramids. Engineers are now working on not just large structures, but also human genome maps and tiny computer processors.

Engineering is a cornerstone of STEM education. STEM education is an interdisciplinary educational program that gives students insights and urges them to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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History of Engineering

Imhotep, the builder of the Step Pyramid in Aqqrah, Egypt, in 2550 BCE, is the earliest engineer recognized by name and accomplishment.

With the foundation of empirical methods supported by arithmetic, geometry, and a sprinkling of physical science, Imhotep’s successors were Persian, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian, carrying civil engineering to extraordinary heights. Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, The Alexandrian Pharos, the Pont du Gard aqueduct in France, road networks in the Roman and Persian, the Rome Colosseum, and many other huge projects, some of which still stand today, are testaments to their ability, ingenuity, and bravery.

Vitruvius’ De architectura, a 10-volume work covering construction processes, building materials, measurement, town planning, and hydraulics, is one of many treatises written by him that has survived to present a picture of engineering practice and lessons in ancient times.

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Engineers use sciences and mathematics such as physics in the engineering design process to come up with new answers to issues or to improve on existing ones. They must have a thorough understanding of key sciences in order to complete their design assignments. As a result, many engineers keep learning new things throughout their careers.

If numerous solutions are available, engineers evaluate every design option and select the one that best meets the criteria. The engineer’s job is to discover, comprehend, and interpret design constraints in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Building a technically successful product is typically insufficient, as it must also meet additional standards. Constraints include creative, physical, available resources, or technological restrictions, flexibility for future additions and changes, and other factors such as safety, cost, productivity, serviceability, and marketability.

Engineers define the parameters within which a feasible product or system may be developed and operated by recognizing the constraints.

Solving issues:

Engineers solve problems by applying their understanding of mathematics, science, economics, logic, and also might require apt knowledge of designs. They can often assess an issue and evaluate alternative solutions by creating a proper mathematical model of it.

Engineers must assess the advantages and disadvantages of each design alternative before choosing the one that best meets their goals.

Genrich Altshuller claimed that compromises are at the core of “low-level” engineering solutions, but the ideal design at a higher level is one that eliminates the fundamental contradiction underlying the problem after accumulating data from a large number of patents.

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What is an engineer’s job description?

Engineers are responsible for assessing, creating, testing, changing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining a wide range of systems and goods. Engineers also supervise construction and production, estimate and specify methods and materials, give insight into consulting services, teach engineering courses at universities and colleges, and do failure analysis.

This engineering field is divided into a variety of specialities, such as:

  1. The production, inspection, construction, and equipment maintenance, machinery maintenance, and components, as well as the control systems development and monitor devices with their performance and status, are all covered by mechanical engineering. This category includes farm and construction machinery, vehicles, industrial equipment, and a wide range of equipment and instruments.
  2. Design, production, testing, control, construction, monitoring, and inspection of machines, electronic and electrical equipment, and systems are all covered by electrical engineering. From national power generators to tiny circuits, these systems range in size.
  3. Highways, trains, bridges, tunnels, dams, and airports are examples of significant infrastructure projects that civil engineers plan, build, maintain, and inspect.
  4. Guidance and control systems, airframes, power plants, navigation and communication systems, and electronic and electrical systems are among the components and parts that are manufactured, designed, and tested for spacecraft and airplanes.
  5. Design, building, operation, manufacturing, systems, equipment testing, and processes involving control, production, and radioactive radiation detection are all covered by nuclear engineering. Nuclear reactors and particle accelerators for electric ships and power plants, as well as radioisotope research and production, are among these systems.
  6. Keeping in check and protecting people from possible radiation damaging effects are also part of nuclear engineering.
  7. Structural engineering is the design, study, and construction of load-bearing structures such as major industrial infrastructure, bridges, and commercial buildings.
  8. The practice of developing equipment, systems, and gadgets for use in the medicine practice is known as biomedical engineering.
  9. Chemical engineering is the practice of systems, designing equipment, and processes for compounding and refining raw materials, processing, and mixing chemicals.
  10. Computer engineering is the profession of creating networks, computer systems, software, and computer hardware components.
  11. The optimizing and developing facilities practice of, systems, equipment, and processes for material processing, manufacturing, and a variety work setting is known as industrial engineering.
  12. Environmental engineering is the science of mitigating, preventing, and removing pollution sources from the water, land, and air. This type of engineering also includes finding pollution sources, rehabilitating and cleaning contaminated areas, monitoring and detecting pollution levels, and assuring compliance with state, federal, and local regulations.

All engineering activity involves problem resolution. The issue might be quantitative or physical, economic or qualitative, and needs abstract study or common sense to solve it. The creative design or synthesis process, which involves combining ideas to produce an optimal and new solution, is critical.

Functions of engineering

Although the scope and complexity of engineering challenges varies, the same fundamental methodology applies.

The first step is to assess the problem and make a preliminary decision on a strategy. Deductive reasoning from established principles or creative synthesis, as in a novel design, is used to solve the given issue.

The correctness and appropriateness of the solution or design is constantly double-checked. Finally, the simplified problem’s conclusions are understood in terms of the original problem and presented in an acceptable manner.

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