Computer is an electronic device that is used by human beings in several areas making the work easier for them whereas network is the group of things connected for a common motive or function. Hence, two or more computers connected or linked together is called computer network.

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There are different types of computer network that are presently available. Some of them are listed below:

• LANs or Local area network: local refers to nearby; hence the computers are in the same building or geographically close together.

• WANs or wide area network: in such connection the computers are far apart connected by cable lines or waves.

• CANs or campus area network: as the name says, the computers are within a certain range i.e. in the college area.

• MANs or Metropolitan area network: metropolitan means the town or city, hence the network planned for town is called MANs.

• HANs or home area network: the network coffined for the users at home is called HANs.

Apart from above mentioned networks there are some more networking system like backbone area network, storage area network, virtual private area network and many more. Hence, classification of this computer networking system provides an ease to manage the service like intranets, extranets, internet etc. for any enterprise in smooth way. In recent times, computer has become an important part of every individual life. Whether it’s engineering, medical, business or designing of any material, computer is a necessity. Computer helps to build up a good network and share lots of information to respective parties. Though, telephone, fax, letter are generally used as different modes for communication, but presently computer networking is the most preferred one due to lots of advantages that can be from it. Due to availability of different networking system it becomes easy to share information within a second with group of people. One can have access to remote database or remote programmers and obtained the desired information. Computer network not only helps to share the information but it also helps to store and use those information. Hence, two tasks are complied and performed by a single arrangement, making it easier for everyone to learn and view things in absolute details way.

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