Human beings are designated as intelligent creature. They are able to discriminate between good and bad, or right and wrong. Along with these qualities, human beings also have felling of competition, jealous, and being first in the race.

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Educational sector, professional field or any other arena, are all packed with several of candidates struggling to be at the number one position on the list. But among all these fields, educational sector is the most competitive area. Students compete for single marks not only to reserve top position in the class but in their school or the city and even the state. At schooling level, competition can be lighter because students are not pressurized with lots of extra curriculum works or activities. But in colleges or universities students need to shift their attention towards many more works. They need to polish there extra curriculum along with good knowledge in respective field. Hence, these tasks need patience and time management. But generally due to lack of focus on one activity, somehow students have to undergo depression due to dropped down score that creates chaos in their mind regarding all the further actions.

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