Essay writing is a challenging art that requires mastery over various creative and linguistic skills. To write a compelling essay, students need to know various techniques, tips and tricks which can only be achieved through perfect guidance. Furthermore, the perfection in any piece of essay writing can only come after a good amount of practice as well as thorough knowledge about the topic on which you have to write. We recently heard back from a student of ours who took our Learning Approaches to Essay Writing program and mastered the art of writing the perfect compelling essay. Here are her own words :

Last summer, I decided to take part in a prestigious essay writing competition. The odds of wining that competition are very slim. Thousands of students from various schools across my state were competing and only the best essay would win. However, I did not have a lot of time to scroll through the guidance books that preach How to Write a Winning Essay. Time was flowing fast and I had to start researching for my own topic as well. So I asked my cousin for help, who by the way is a freelance columnist for prestigious newspapers and magazines, for some professional writing tips on how to write the best essay. While she guided me around with certain tips on professional writing styles and the kind of vocabulary to use, but she told me about this learn to write an essay course that a friend of hers used to practice her college-admission essay on. That is how I came to AssignmentHelpNet and I am so glad I did! 

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AssignmentHelpNet’s Learning Approaches to Write an Essay program provided me with all the guidance to master the art of writing the perfect essay. My online ‘essayhelper’ utilized variety of learning techniques, flash cards, prompts, visualizations and sensory experiences to help me perfect the task of essay writing. I had no idea that so much practice and technique goes into writing a compelling essay.

In the beginning, my online essay helper walked me through the important points on how to decide/ choose the topic for essay, gathering information from online and offline sources, making claims and using argumentation in essays, sifting through the research material and how to think critically, employ reasoning, make content and source choices as well as tips on weighing evidence.

To practice all these taught aspects, I was given on the spot writing topics, exercises such as to describe my emotions, feelings and experiences in words as well visual images were shown to be translated into words. All these rigorous writing exercises were conducted to help in forming short writing pieces that had moving narratives and brought words to life. This helped me to enhance my writing skills and build a vast base of descriptive vocabulary.

The next step was called targeting thy audience. In this module my essay helper taught me how to make my essay content audience-directed so that the readers can feel connected to my piece. This is extremely essential to write a persuasive essay. The online essay expert taught me the nuances behind researching about readers base as well as the skills of personalizing the essay’s content, structure and tone based on audience’s demographics. This factor becomes essential when you are making decisions on what research material to include in your essay and to construct an argument that appeals to the essay reader.

In the third module for how to write a wining essay program, the insistence was laid on tackling problems of writer’s block, avoiding logical fallacies such as hasty generalization post hoc weak analogy, red herring and others as well as issues of plagiarism and authenticity of sources. My instructor also guided me on my strengths, such as if I was a better listener, or did a better critique, or if my strength lay in explanations and analogies or if I had it in me to write a winning closing. This enabled me to create my own unique writing style.

By the end of all the guidance and essay writing help that I received from AssignmentHelpNet, I felt like a professional writer, armed with the secrets of writing a perfect winning essay. Soon I worked on the drafts and revisions for my essay writing competition, keeping in mind the tips of trade I had learnt from my online essay guide. It took me one month to write my competition essay. I sent my entry and after the results were declared I was shortlisted in the top five essay entries.

From a crude writer to a winning essay entry, I owe all my essay writing win to AssignmentHelpNet’s special program on learning approaches to essay writing. This program taught me everything about writing an excellent A plus essay. My essay guide also made me do a lot of writing practice and refined my writing style and vocabulary. Thank you AssignmentHelpNet!

Learning approaches to essay writing is a on-demand online guidance program run by AssignmentHelpNet to help students master the skills of essay writing. Whether you are a high school student, college applicant or a business leader; at some point in your career journey you are going to have to write an essay. The art of writing compelling essays is an invaluable skill. Essay writing always invokes anxiety especially when they aren’t timed or too open ended in choices. This program gives you easy and effective strategies that help in writing the best and a winning essay whenever your career demands.

We feel extremely warm and content in our hearts when our learners send us such success mails. It is a true feeling of success to know that we are doing the best efforts by arming our learners with the right lifelong skills that they will always need in their education and career paths.

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