A database is a structured collection of data. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality, in a way that supports processes requiring this information. A database is designed for a business model or an independent professional working as freelancer. It is basically a collection of information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data. We can see database as an electronic filing system. Traditional databases are organized by fields, files, and records. A field is a single piece of information, a record is one complete set of fields, and a file is a collection of records. To access information from a database, we need a database management system (DBMS). This is a collection of programs that enables you to enter, organize, and select data in a database. The known DBMSs include Oracle, SQL, SQL Server, My SQL, and MS Access etc. A database is not generally portable across different DBMSs but different DBMSs can inter-operate to some degree by using standards like SQL and ODBS together to support a single application built over more than one database. A DBMS also needs to provide effective run-time execution to properly support as many database end-users as needed. The DBMS is an important topic in any computer related field whether it is in engineering or any diploma or degree in computers. The database is effectively used in many fields and now due to advancement in IT field there are numerous DBMSs which are used for various purposes.

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