And the countdown has begun for Christmas this year too!

Christmas will be here around in no time. And there is so much to plan, so much to think about. Planning all the visits you have to do to your near and dear ones, buying presents, going to church and what not. And off course we all should do that, ‘cause it is Christmas! The cheers of birth of Jesus Christ run across our hearts, and we pray for love and prosperity for everyone. It is not just a day to have a lavish dinner and raise a toast with your family, but to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts.

And when the day is going to be so special, then why not our presents be! Why just pick up a goodie bag for the kids and shout “Merry Christmas” to them? Since presents are a reflection of ourselves and what we think about the person we gift it to, they should be special as your own persona too. Presents can tell another person easily what he thinks about you, how much important you are to him and about his style.

So if a gift box carries so much value when we give it to someone, why not pack up something new and special, to which your friend will cherish for a long time? And maybe flaunt it among her friends too! Thinking of such ideas, here are a few suggestions to think upon when you will be out to buy presents for your friends and family. Some may be reasonable to spend on, while some may cost a bit high on your pocket. Hence, see well if you can afford it and go ahead. But the thing is, they are sure to bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

  1. The best selling fragrance of the year

Buying something out of the best of the brands can never go wrong! But hey, let’s just not pick up anything you see in the store. The best selling perfume like Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, and I think it would ideal for your companion to have one. He or She has been the one to stick up with you at all good and bad times, so they truly deserves that! Just as everyone knows that men and women love fragrances, you can cheer them up with a distinct fragrance. Pack it up in their favorite color, put it across the table when your partner is with you for breakfast and just act as you know nothing what it is, and… surprise!

  1. The new iPhone X

Well, well, well. That is the thing in the market for which people are going berserk right now. iPhone X would never disappoint anyone to whom you present it. And it would surely tell them that they are very special to you. So, pick up an iphone X for the one who has always been there at all points of your life and never let you feel alone. After all, your present will never let them feel alone too! It could be the perfect gift for your parents, best friend or wife. And they will thank you for the bottom of their hearts.

  1. Bestselling book for the reading soul

And we all know a person who has his own collection of books, and has a variety ranging from history to cooking, from ancient scripted books to parenting stuff and many more kinds. And you are always amazed by his knowledge he has gained from books. Then why not add a book from your hands to his library! That would be so good to have! If you do not have a love for reading, you may think that oh, it is just a book. But to your friend, it will be a gem, trust me.

And if you have decided to buy a book for him, then let us not pick up some popular old one. Try the bestselling ones for 2017. And they are really good, from which you can pick up one which suites his taste of reading. It may be thriller, facts, science, love, drama, history or something else too. Here are a few bestselling books of 2016 you can plan to buy.

Secondhand time: The last of the Soviets by Svetlana Alexievich

Imagine me gone by Adam Haslett

The vegetarian by Han Kang

Old age: A beginner’s guide by Michael Kinsley

The association of small bombs by Karan Mahajan

Though these are just a few names I listed out here, you can look out for more and choose what you think will be the best for your friend.

  1. Watch with a special touch of love

Time is what binds us together. The moments we have spent and the memories we have created during those moments. Just to remind of all the good times you have had with your close one, gift them a watch. But it will not just a watch picked up from store and handed over, rather get a short and sweet message engraved behind it. It could be a thank you for helping you in your worst times, or being by your side whenever you felt lost, or some other strong memory that you share with that person. Such a present would be perfect for your parents or spouse.

Know first what kind of watches do they like, whether in metal or a plain and classic watch or a chunky one. Pick up the best of what you can find and get it engraved. And when they see it, you would have a special place in their hearts from this Christmas on.

  1. Outerwear

The chilled winds hustling across your hair scare us sometimes. And we think twice to step out of the house when its snow out on the roads. We light up a fire in the mantelpiece and sit near it, talking with family and passing time. And such scenarios are lot more common around Christmas. Or maybe it happens that your parents fall sick due to the weather and you wish you could never let them be unwell again.

So, an outerwear would be perfect to gift for your closed ones, keeping them warm all the time. Make sure you know their sizes before buying. A classic black or a shawl collar one never goes out of style. So if you are not so sure about your choices, you can pick any of such two types and present them. And let us just make it special by wrapping them up with our own hands. It would show them that you care for them.

  1. Kitchen surprise for your wife

How happy it would be to see your wife sit comfortably all day at least once in a year? Or maybe, what if she gets a new look for the kitchen? Let’s try it out this Christmas. For this, you would need to decide whether you would want to just cook for her, or give the kitchen a new makeover, with new facilities around. It would be much better if you do both; renovate the kitchen and cook for her too. Why I picked up the kitchen for this is, because women often tell that they do not get much help from their husbands in cooking and cleaning. So, take the blame up and do the best you can this year. And doing it for Christmas would make it even more special!

To bring your plan in action, you would have to work on your plans few days before Christmas itself. Your wife should not get even a hint of what you have planned for her. So, you can think to send her away at her parents’ home a few days before Christmas. And when she is gone, get an interior planner and a few workers to make your kitchen new. Plan your budget too, or else it can easily burn a hole in your pocket! And when it is Christmas and she is back, then close her eyes and take her to the kitchen. You would be such a caring husband for her after then!

  1. Calorie counter device for your husband

And if the men can do so much for you, you should show your care for them too! How about making them conscious of their fitness? A calorie counter perhaps, would be a boon to you if you think on it. Gift it to your husband, which will help them know all about their calories and weight issues, so that they can plan their fitness regime accordingly. If you doing so, take a promise from them this Christmas that they will take care of their health. After all, health is wealth!

  1. Kitchen items for bachelors

When it is bachelor life going on, where you have to cook, wash and clean on your own, no one is really looking after you much. Either people eat out daily, or cook some boring stuff at their rooms. So, why not bring around some change at their places this Christmas! A new induction stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster or coffee maker would be bliss for them! You can plan for what you can afford and take it straight to their homes. And you will be their hero!

  1. Your loved one’s favorite brand

Try this a few days before Christmas. Ask your close one such as best friend, spouse, sibling, parents or anyone you would gift something about their favorite brands. And hey, just to avoid situations of a shock or something, prepare yourself to hear hell expensive replies well in advance! There may be some answers where they really like a product from a luxury brand, but are not able to afford it. Why not buy it for them! Could be a Chanel sling bag, a Tom Ford suit, a pair of Victoria secrets sleepwear, Prada eyewear or a Louis Vuitton duffel bag! And if you can afford it, buy one for them which they really wish to have. You will surely sweep them off their feet when they see your gift. “Oh! You got me a Louis Vuitton, the one which I always wished for!” kind of replies you are surely going to receive, which a lot more of love. And they will surely flaunt it among all their friends the whole day long.

  1. Fitness subscriptions

Are you really worried about your partner’s health? It could be your parents too? Always keep telling them to work out and stay fit, but they are not able to do so? Then try bringing a change in their lives this Christmas. Get them a membership in a gym, aerobics class or a swimming club near their locality, and surprise them totally this Christmas. They may feel lazy to go in the beginning, but will surely thank you once they get into the routine.

And it is not just the presents which can make a Christmas special. It is the moments that you spend with each other, the prayers you offer and exchange good wishes with your loved ones. These are what are equally important to do on a Christmas. Being with your loved ones will make your Christmas truly a merry one.

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What are your special plans for Christmas 2017 ? Do let us know in comments!