Even though we have come from the era of the nineties to 2019, everything has advanced except for one of the most important things in the life of a modern-day human – education, the very thing that becomes the difference between the jobs of a laborer and that of a CEO.

Mud buildings have given way to long steel skyscrapers, people have shifted from horses and bicycles to superfast cars, governance has shifted from monarchy to democracy but there has hardly been any major change in the field of education. Yes, there has been some advancement in the terms of how teaching is done with the advent of new subjects like computers, robotics etc. and new technologies like that of digital smart classrooms and the internet, but yet the crux of what is being taught remains the same.

Now there is hardly anything left in the present school and college curriculum which can actually be termed as useful for the students when they step into jobs or industry. the school and college boards are repeating the same lessons again and again without modifying them to be at relevance with modern life.

The present curriculum of schools and colleges in Malaysia has ensured that most of the students lie in the category of nerds. There is so much pressure on the students that they don’t have time left for anything else. Students have become mere bookworms and instead of getting wholesome overall development as one needs to become successful, they have become a sad and depressed victim of rote learning.

The only thing that is precious and irreversible in this world is time, almost every other thing can be reversed but not on time. As it is said it is even more important than money at the moment.

 Yet the students have been continued to be burdened with tons and heaps of assignments, exercises, examinations, projects and whatnot. So instead of learning something useful in the most absorbing age of their lives, almost close to 35 percent of the country’s population (i.e. People aged between four and twenty-one) continues to waste all of their time in writing and copying pages and pages of assignments of various subjects day after day.

Most of the time, students don’t even understand what they are doing, they don’t learn a thing, but only to get top-grade and to escape punishments, they copy it from somewhere and submit it while those who can’t cope up with this huge pressure start to fall prey to depression, anxiety and whatnot. according to recent research done on the high-school kids, more than 50% of them have shown some of the other signs and symptoms of school or career-related nervousness, anxiety and depression.

It is high time where students escape from this vicious cycle and start focusing on what they really want to do in their lives. To explore all other options that their hearts want, and to look ahead.

This is where the concept of assignment help comes in, imagine asking or questioning an expert about that battle in history instead of just reading your history coursebook and listening to the sleep-inducing lecture of that boring teacher in the classroom. Professionals, teachers and students who have actually gone through it, have taken the job of helping you out, just where you need it.

Now you can spend time preparing for that precious competitive exam of GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)or TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language), you can spend doing creating an interesting project or reading in-depth a subject you have always loved, instead of writing and completing those long 40-50 page reports and assignments.

Assignment help gives you just the chance for that. Now students their time developing a skill they are good at, spend time where it reaps something good instead of just a grade in a class.

now you can actually focus on stuff which may actually change your life for the better instead of something which only claims to do so, yet not show any signs of it.

Instead of simply plowing through, you get an opportunity to get a proper insight about the subject, its relation in real life, its proper application and not to forget a chance to all those little nagging doubts which your teacher brushed off with saying they were not a part of your class or examination syllabus.

With the advancement of technology, the internet has become a common sight among households. Everyone is connected to the internet via phone or personal computers.

You can get professional help directly via the internet while sitting in the comfort of your homes.

Some might say that the students become lazy and they don’t wish to do work when professional help is available. According to the experts, children think more effectively and harbor new thoughts if they are left idle for a while. Being lazy or not is up to an individual and a couch potato will be a couch potato, it does not matter whether he or she gets professional help or not. Rather we look up this free time as a way to slot in the more important activities which can really contribute to the wholesome development of the child, be it sports, be it dance, drama or music, or be it competitive coding. Newton did not become great because he completed some assignments before everyone else, and neither did Michael Jackson, rather they chose to do what they love, spend time where they thought they were doing productive in their lives, since their childhood. It’s time we recognize the need to give wings to those budding dreams instead of curbing them with these clippers of examinations and compulsory assignments.

Others also say that this curbs the thinking ability of the students and it is a form of cheating against the system. Assignment help is not something which will give you ready-made copied work rather it provides you a way to clear those doubts from someone who is an expert on something that you think is clearly out of your league.

Assignment help acts as a bridge between you and those grades which you could never have not because you were dull but because you could not understand the way the teacher taught, or because you could attend that subject due to an emergency. They are like a teacher but the one who is always on your side, the one who is always covering your back all the while helping and supporting you move around that school or college system with ease. Be it an assignment with an impossible deadline or be it a dearly needed grade without which you won’t be able to pass the course and will have to repeat it all, assignment help can be your friend in need, a friend that will never desert you when you need it.

It is clearly the need of the hour when there is cut-throat competition for that so sought after top grade, it is clearly the need in the kind of world we live in, where your grades and not your abilities matter for your success in life.