It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas….Yes, December is the month of festivities, the month of joy and the month of celebrations. Holiday Season 2015 is officially upon us. It is the time to make merry, to shop the holiday sales, to give(and receive) gifts to your loved ones. And by default to incur a lot of extra expenses!

Your sibling’s wishlist has a $500 hoverboard and mum needs the new $300 stand mixer. You yourself need a new pair of swanky headphones. With new ultra-tech gadgets, luxe gifts and gourmet food demands to creep into everyone’s holiday wish lists, Santa would also need some tips to make some extra cash during holidays. Thankfully, holidays are also a time of abundant seasonal jobs. Most holiday job opportunities are for small business owners but the good news is that there’s something for everyone on our list of the top eight seasonal holiday part-time jobs that will help you earn some extra cash before Christmas.

Pick your Freelance Skills

While it can be difficult to balance freelance working with college, holidays are the perfect time to capitalize on the benefits of your knowledge and skills. And this can be the most efficient way to sock away some extra bucks in your bank account. Turn your attention to holiday season opportunities. Artists, graphic designers, writers and photographers can put their skills to freelancing options opportunities for designing Christmas special logos, holiday e-cards, business flyers, help writing holiday letters, printable, record holiday video messages, decorate store displays and carry out marketing for holiday events and promotions. Figure out pricing, earn and you could find yourself busy beyond this holiday season. MNCs, as well as small business companies, use web sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, oDesk to post such creative freelance gigs that can fetch you high-paying work over the internet.

DIY Christmas Goodies

If you are the master of the DIY craft then there is no better time of the year than Holidays to rake in some moolah. Unleash your creativity reindeer and make ahead creative holiday stuff such as Christmas tree ornaments, handmade creative greeting cards, gift tags, Christmas tree snow globes, scented candles, glitter flutes and bottles, pine cone craft items, decorative mason jars, cute cushions, stocking stuffers, jewelry or even knit ugly Christmas sweaters. You can sell these creative masterpieces among your friends, in your neighborhood or even online on Etsy and social media websites.

Become a Babysitter (or a Pet Sitter)

Offer your hospitality and care services to children (and pets) of parents who need to go out a lot for holiday shopping, holiday parties. You could also put up posters in your neighborhood and extend your services to couples who want to enjoy some children-free time out over weekends and holidays. By charging fair rates around $10 dollars or more as per kid, babysitting is a great deal of help to parents, and also you could make a change with few hours of regular work. Most pet parents also look for home-sitters or boarding services to leave their pets in a responsible and loving company if they have to travel over holidays.

Get rid of the old stuff

A closet full of unused material, fabric, books, toys are your best friends over this holiday season to sell online. And it’s also a great time to sell vintage or reasonably used goods to people looking for holiday gifts could be a good deal. You’ll end up with a cleaner living and large enough stacks of cash. Getting paid to clean households? Doesn’t get better than that! Like, many people sell the old books back to the bookstore, but you can get a lot more money by selling them to friends or other students who are in the same grades.

Helping Hands in Retail-store

Work for retail stores; indeed the stores in holidays require extra workers around the busy holiday season. Search for seasonal holiday retail job opportunities in newspapers, job search websites or even by personally visiting local retail stores. Most retail stores are looking to hire extra manpower for Holiday window displays, in-store theme decorations, gift wrapping, home delivery, local and digital marketing as well as floor salesmen. This is also a great way to get some hands-on sales experience. These temps can even be hired or are given priority for full-time positions. Most stores hire seasonal workers for a complete season or even for part-time options such as to work only on holidays, big sales days or over the weekend. Even a good Santa Claus or Bugs bunny can have a remarkable effect on store sales.

At Home Baker

If your idea of having fun is baking decadent desserts and cooking lavish dinner meals, then the perfect way for you to earn some quick cash before Christmas would be with your recipes. There is not a soul on the planet who does not crave the fudge brownies and rich stews in December. You can also make quick cash by selling DIY Mason jar food items which people can use as Christmas gifts. Put up stalls in Christmas carnivals and fairs in your city and earn loads of cash by selling sweet treats and Christmas consumable gifts.

Part-time tutoring job

Unleash your brilliance by becoming a tutor according to your skills or expertise. You can tutor students for academic subjects or even for hobby/skill classes. Organize a workshop at a local shop or run a seminar on how to make holiday homemade pies or DIY holiday goodies. Coach music class students prepping for holiday recitals or drama club teams putting together Christmas performances. The experience you share does not have to be holiday-themed, or it can help people with a little extra time off work might enjoy to brush-up on hobbies and a chance to work on the interests that normally have to take a sideline. If you do not want to go anywhere, you can even become an online tutor and make money from the convenience of your home.

Driving Services

Holidays are the busiest travel time as well. It is tough to get private taxis on busy holidays while public transport is also scant or off. By offering your car and driving services, you can make some quick cash getting families to-and-from the airport on time. Also, the senior folks in your community may need someone to help them get to the mall or to pick up gifts, or even to their doctor’s appointments. Driving will also be the best way to roam around and explore local places and roads for itself. Thanks to GPS, it would not even be any trouble to get around.

So if you need a little extra cash, follow these tips to find the best seasonal job during the holiday season.  Now is the time to apply and get hired for these holiday jobs. Most of the jobs are temporary and will end by January. However, if you decide you enjoy the job and prove yourself well using your skills during the holiday season, there is a good chance they might hire you for a full-time position later on.

Happy Holidays Everyone 

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