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9.3 The Strain

Under stress, each point in body is displaced slightly from its natural state. As a result the net effect of all these displacement is the increment or decrement of its dimension. The strain is defined as the ratio of the change in the dimension of body to its original dimension under stress. The axial stress produce change in the length of body. If dLbe the change in the length of the body which have original length L, then the strain produce by axial stress is
the strain

It is defined as axial or longitudinal strain.

The sharing stress causing the shift of the layer of solid over the lower surface. If x be the shift of upper layer with respect to lower layer having a separation of L, then shear stress produces a strain given as

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Thus, shear strain can be defined as angular shift of layers with respect to each other under shear stress. Therefore,Shear strain = q

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