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9.20 Stoke's Law

The spherical body of radius r moving with speed v in viscous fluid of coefficient of viscosity hexperience an opposing force, called drag force, given by relation

stoke’s law

This equation is the stroke's law.

9.21 Stokes’ law and terminal velocity

(a) high school physics i.e. terminal velocity depends on the radius of the sphere, so if radius is made ntimes, terminal velocity will becomes n2 times.

(b) vT depends on the density of solid. Greater the density of solid, greater will be the terminal velocity.

(c) vT depends on the nature of fluid. Greater the density and viscosity of the fluid, lesser will be the terminal velocity.

(d) matter properties i.e. terminal velocity also depends on acceleration due to gravity ‘g’. So, it will change with change of plane or in accelerated systems.

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