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Matter Properties

9.1 Deformable Solids

The solids are generally, supposed to be infinitely hard with an ability to tolerate any external force without any change in its size, shape and structure. But being made up of large number of molecules held by internal forces among them of finite specific strength a real solid deform, partly of completely whenever it disturbed from its equilibrium state by external applied force. The internal forces responsible for holding atom/molecules together in solids oppose deformation and tend to attain equilibrium state with deforming forces. Such a restoring force arises in solid, to attain equilibrium at each internal point of the solid, per unit area are defined as stress. The removal of deforming force reduce stress to the zero but then internal forces start operating in a such a direction to make each point of solid body to attain its natural state of equilibrium. This property of a solid material to attain natural state of equilibrium is called elasticity.

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