Human Resource Management – Styles Of Conflict Resolution

Styles Of Conflict Resolution

Domination Power - Where one party is significantly more powerful and does not need the other.

    • Advantage - You don't have to negotiate if there is no need to do so. For example, management is unlikely to accept a union recognition claim when the union has minimal membership in the plant.
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  • Disadvantage – there is a saying “What goes around comes around”, If you take an advantage of people when you have power, do not expect any leniency when the situation is reversed. The conflict remains; the aggrieved party is just biding its time for retribution, which will most of the times, come back to you.

Capitulation Power - When a party gives in rather than pushing for what it wants.

  • Advantage – Ideally, if you don't need what the other party wants, or you don't have the resources to assist your claim and/or the time is not right.
  • Disadvantage - Encourages the other side to take more of what they need and sets a precedent and an expectation, should there be future conflict anytime in this context.

Negotiation Power - Negotiation usually occurs when both parties are dependent upon each other, they when know that they have to work together as professionals, also have the power to frustrate each other and have different objectives. For example, management and unions need each other, and both groups can frustrate each other (lock out/strike). One party has responsibilities primarily to the shareholders, the other to the employees.

  • Advantage - Though the parties have different agendas for themselves, negotiation brings about an agreed sharing of resources with mutual consent. Negotiation reduces the risk of a prize victory to either side, but when done well can achieve a win/win outcome.
  • Disadvantage - Negotiation tends to work from a power orientation as both sides attempt to exert pressure on each other, which is not always conducive to harmony and long-term relations, causing harm at times. It can also be costly in time and effort.

Collaboration Power - Here the parties work together, concentrating on options and outcomes that meet each other's needs and aspirations.

  • Advantage - this may be described as the best form of conflict resolution and will lead to a win/win outcome. When achieved there is no residual conflict left suppurating only to become manifest later.
  • Disadvantage - Collaboration is not always possible. If there is no goodwill, integrity and/or mutual respect and consent from all parties it is unlikely to succeed.

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