Human Resource Management – Ways Of Resolving Conflict

Ways of Resolving Conflict

Exercise of power

In general, the party with the most power usually wins. This is a win/lose orientation and the conflict remains because the loser still experiences resentment. This competitive approach uses tactics to disadvantage the competition andcomes from an I am right and you are wrong life position. If both parties are fairly equalin power, they could bring about a lose/lose catastrophe where no one gains, which is dissatisfying for both the parties.

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Exercise of rights

Decisions fall under the requirements of the law or the prevailing culture for the disputants. One can reach to agreements and resolutions, but this in no way guarantees conflict resolution. In fact, after a decision all those involved can still be dissatisfied.

Exercise of mutual interests

Due to mutual interdependency, the parties usually have to continue living and working together, agreements achieved by recognizing mutual long-term interests can bring about solutions that are, for the most part, satisfactory to all concerned. Both parties gain something, a sign of true conflict resolution since all parties continue to work together effectively once the conflict has been resolved. This is categorized as win – win situation.

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