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Structural Proteomatics

It concerns with mapping out the 3-D structure and nature of protein complexes present specifically in a particular cell/organelle. Its aim is to build a body of structural information that will help predict the probable structure and potential function for almost any protein from knowledge of its coding sequence. It also helps in assembling information about protein-protein interactions and about architecture of cells to explain how the expression of certain proteins contributes in cell’s unique characteristics.

Functional Proteomtcs

It refers to the use of proteomics techniques to analyze the characteristics of molecular protein-networks involved in a living cell. Its recent achievement is the identification and analysis of molecular protein-networks involved in the nuclear pore complex (NPC) in yeast.

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The main topics which are considered in Genomics And Proteonomics are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Sequencing of Genomes
  2. Comparative Genomics
  3. Gene Prediction And Counting
  4. Genome Evolution And Functional Genomics
  5. Expression profiling And Transcriptome
  6. DNA Arrays
  7. Structural proteomics And Functional Proteomics
  8. Expression Proteomics And Sequence Allgnment
  9. Protein Structure And Structure And Structural Analysis
  10. Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis And Domain Fusion Method

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