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Chemistry Assignment Help With Molecular Speeds

Molecular Speeds

There are three important kinds of molecular speeds

Most Probable Speed

urms = crms = Kinds of Molecular Speeds

A much precise representation would be

urms = crms =

Kinds of Molecular SpeedsChemistry Assignment Help Order Now

Also crms = states of matter = Kinds of Molecular Speeds = chemistry solution, d is the density of the gas.

Average Speed

It is the arithmetic mean of various speeds of the molecules

ua = Ca = Average speed = arithmetic mean of various speeds of the molecules

 arithmetic mean of various speeds of the molecules

= 0.9213 × cRMS

RMS = 1.085 × cav

Most Probable Speed

The speed possessed by maximum number of molecules of a gas at a given temperature is the most probable speed.

um = chemistry equations = Most Probable Speed × RMS

= 0.816 × CRMS

CRMS = 1.224 × CMPS

Hence Cm : Ca : Crms

= Most Probable Speed : Most Probable Speed : Most Probable Speed = 1 : 1.128 : 1.225

It is observed that molecular velocity of any gas is proportional to the square root of the absolute temperature. The molecular motion, is therefore, a thermal motion of the molecules. At absolute zero (i.e. T = 0) KE = 0. In other words thermal motion ceases completely at absolute zero.

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