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Chemistry Homework Help With Dalton's Law

Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

At constant temperature, the pressure exerted by a mixture of two or more non reacting gases enclosed in a definite volume is equal to the sum of individual pressures exerted by each gas (if they would have present alone in the same volume). The individual pressure exerted by each gas is known as partial pressure of the gas.
If Pt is the total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases at a given temperature and volume and p1, p2, p3, .... are partial pressures of constituent gases then, according to the law,

 at constant T and VChemistry Assignment Help Order Now at constant T and V.

Partial Pressure: It is defined as the product of the mole fraction of the gas and the total pressure exerted by the gaseous mixture.

p1 = (X1) Pt

p2 = (X2) Pt

p3 = (X3) Pt

In general, mole fraction of the gas and the total pressure exerted by the gaseous mixture

pi is the partial pressure, Xi the mole fraction of the constituent gases and Pt is the total pressure exerted by the gases.

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