Human Resource Management – Recruiting And Hiring Employees

Recruiting And Hiring Employees

On the basis of job analysis and job design, the organization can determine the kinds of employees it needs. With this knowledge, it carries out the function of recruiting and hiring employees.

Human Resource Management’s most crucial and important task is to recruit employees and select the ones which are most efficient and beneficial for the company. Thus, its task is to place the right man at the right job. Recruitment is the process through which the organization seeks applicants for potential employment. Selection refers to the process by which the firm attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals. An organization makes selection decision in order to add employees to its workforce, as well as to transfer existing employees to new positions.

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Recruitment is the most important function of Human Resource Management. It involves ascertaining the requirement of a new employee in the business and attracting new potential people to apply for the job. It forms the basis of the selection process. Its main concern is to advertise and make people aware of the job openings and attracting potential employee.

Recruitment Process:

Recruitment Process

1. Recruitment Planning: It involves taking a decision as to how much job openings are available in the company and how they are to be filled. An approximate number of people are informed about the job openings. A proper Performa of a job opening, qualification requirement, time duration etc. is planned out at this stage.

2. Strategy for Recruitment: Generally recruitment is done through two ways:

  • Internal Recruitment: Internal Recruitment is done through recruiting employees from within the organization for the new job openings.
  • External Recruitment: External Recruitment is done through recruiting employees from outside the organization.

3. Advertising: It involves using various means by which the people can be informed about the recruitment. It attracts the application from applicants.

4. Evaluation: Evaluation involves ascertaining the total costs of the recruitment process and making payments to the people involved in the recruitment process, agents, advertising company etc.

Sources of Recruitment:

Recruitment can be done from two sources:

1. Internal Recruitment:

  1. Promotions: Promotion means increasing the pay, position or benefits of the employee. It is a great motivation policy. The higher-level vacancies are filled by the employees who deserve a promotion. It is increasing in pay, authority level, position etc. It is done from within the organization.
  2. Transfers: It means filling up of the vacancy from within the organization. The employee is transferred from one department to another or from one city to another. But his level of authority, position and pay; all remain same.
  3. Referrals: Sometimes the existing employees are asked for referrals for filling up the vacancies in the company. Such referrals are given due consideration while the selection process is carried out.
  4. Demotion: Demotion is an opposite of promotion. It means transferring the employee to a lower level of authority and position than before because of decline in performance.
  5. Internal Advertisement: Sometimes businesses post internal advertisements on the notice boards or company portals to fill out the vacancy from within the organization.

2. External Recruitment:

  1. Campus Interviews: Campus recruitments involve recruiting employees from directly from the campus, colleges, and educational institutes after the completion of graduation or diplomas. It is the easiest way to select the employees and the students are selected as per the requirement.
  2. Placement Agencies: Sometimes the recruitment process is outsourced to the other agents i.e. Placement Agencies who hold specialization in this area. They conduct the placement process as per the requirement and need of the organization in order to fill the post with the best available choice.
  3. Walk-in Interviews: Companies conduct walk-in interviews where anyone can come up and apply for the interview for the job. The company decides the place and time beforehand for the placement process.
  4. Internet Portals: The companies post the job requirements on various job portals from where the interested people can apply for the jobs.
  5. Press Statements: Companies pass press statements about their recruitment process. They send advertisements in newspapers and other media means to attract potential employees.
  6. Factory Gate Recruitment: This method is generally used for the recruitment of unskilled labor. For such recruitments, the notice is applied on the factory gates of the company or factory and direct employment is given as per the needs.
recruiting and hiring employees


The selection process involves selecting the most appropriate employee from the recruited employees for the job. It means placing the right man at the right job. It is a crucial process because right selection can lead to the success of the organization and vice versa. Thus it is important that the applications are carefully scrutinized and the background check of the applicants is done properly. Their top management should be actively involved in the selection process.

Selection Process:

  1. Scrutinizing Applications: The foremost step in the selection process is scrutinizing the applications. The applications are filtered as per the basic requirements of the company like qualifications, the area of expertise etc.
  2. Written Test: The scrutinized applications are then called up for a written test where the technical skills of the applicants are checked and the level of knowledge is tested through aptitude and technical tests. This is the most crucial for the selection process.
  3. Psychological Test: The Psychological test is conducted to know the mindset of the applicants, how they react to different situations and what their perceptions are. This gives a detailed view of the employee’s mentality and how they can work.
  4. Personal Interview: Personal Interview is conducted to know about the person in deep and make an analysis of his personality. This further helps in deciding if he is mentally fit for the job.
  5. Background Check: Once the person is deemed fit for the job, a background check is run on him to verify his details and check for any misstatements in the resume made by him. The Proper reference check is done and police verification is carried out to check any criminal record.
  6. Medical Test: Upon the clearance of all above-stated tests, the candidate needs to undergo a medical test to see if he is physically fit and has the strength to carry out the job. The candidate might get rejected in this.
  7. Final Selection: Once all of the tests are cleared, the final selection of the employee deemed fit for the job is done. He is offered the job stating the salary, amenities, job duration, job profile etc.
  8. Placement: Once the employee is intimated about his job, he is placed in the job and proper orientation is given so that he can adjust himself to the job.

We can conclude that the selection is a complex procedure and it has a strong effect on the overall working of the organization. Thus these processes should be undertaken very carefully.

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