Human Resource Management – Training And Developing Employees

Training And Developing Employees

Although organizations base hiring decisions on candidates’ existing qualification, most organizations provide ways for their employees to broaden or deepen their knowledge, skills and abilities. To do this, organizations provide for employees training and development. Training is a planned effort to enable employees to learn job-related knowledge, skills and behavior.

Once Human Resource Management is done selecting the appropriate employee for the job, it is HRM’s duty to train the employee for the job and imbibe the required skills. It is a continuous activity which keeps the employee updated to the new conditions and improves his ability.

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Training and Development is a vital part of retaining the employee and making him adaptive to the situation. Its main aim is to better the performance of the employee so that he can achieve the business objectives efficiently and effectively. Training and Development is an educational process where the employees are imbibed with the new skills, the old skills are sharpened, a change is the attitude is made, they are motivated and the organization’s goals are aligned with the individual goals.

There are various benefits of Training development to the employee as well as to the company.

Benefits to the Company:

  1. Imbibe the skills as per requirement: An organization requires a variety of skills in the employees. They can train the employees with the new skills as per their requirement and suitability. This saves the business a lot of costs as they get saved from hiring a new employee for the same skill.
  2. Value to employees: When training is given to the employees, it gives them a sense of belongingness that the employer is investing in the employees and giving them the opportunity to grow. This creates value for the employees.
  3. Better services: With the training the employee’s productivity increases and as a result, they are able to provide better services. The customer services are enhanced which in turn increase the business’s operations.
  4. Retaining of employees: Training and development help in retaining the employee in the business. The continuous training and development provided to the employees create a sense of loyalty and thus the employee is retained.

Benefits to the Employee:

  1. Acquirement of new skills: The employee gets known to a new set of skills which increase his value. This is a boost up for the employees. The higher the level of skills, the higher will be his value and the higher will be his demand in the corporate world.
  2. All-around development: The training is given to the employee in the field where he lacks. This helps the employee to overcome his weaknesses and work dedicatedly. Thus he is able to develop himself in every way possible.
  3. Chances for promotion: The good skills help the employee in increasing his value. This, in turn, increases the chances for his promotion in the organization due to his deeper knowledge and more experience.
  4. Motivation: Training acts as a huge motivator. The employee works more efficiently and dedicatedly and helps in increasing the operations of the business.
Training And Developing Employees

Methods of providing Training:

Training can be provided by two methods:

  1. On the Job Training
  2. Off the Job Training

On the Job Training:

  1. Job Rotation: Job rotation is carried out while working on the job. The employees from different departments or fields are swapped so that they can learn about each other’s job. This, in turn, enhances their skills and gives them an insight into other’s working. This helps in improving the coordination while working.
  2. Incidents Method: Incidents method is one of the most widely used methods for providing training. Certain conditions are created in a hypothetical way to see how the employee will act on it and what his actions will be. The incidents method can be conducted through mock chats, case studies, mock tests etc.
  3. Internship Method: Internships method is a kind of apprenticeship where the employee is given training on the job. In this method, training is provided through theories and practical. It is done for training the school and college students.
  4. Coaching: It is the method of providing training by continuously supervising the employee and guiding his at every stage. He coaches the employee and gives him his feedback. This kind of training is done in the organizations that are small in size.
  5. Guidance Notes: In organizations where simple and basic kind of training is needed; generally guidance notes are provided to the employees which they use to understand the nature of work they are required to do and how to do it.

Off the Job Training

  1. Lectures: Lectures is one of the most famous ways to train employees. The employees are provided with face to face interactions with the experts or virtual lectures are provided in CDs through which the employees acquire knowledge and put it into practice in the business.
  2. Simulations: Under simulations, hypothetical situations are created and the employees are required to act upon that. These kinds of simulations are used in training the employees for practical jobs like driving trains, airplanes etc. It is also used in lawyer profession where a setup of the court is simulated and the employees carry out mock trials.
  3. Vestibule Training: Vestibule Training is one of the most effective ways to provide training. In vestibule training, a replica of business applications is made where the employees are trained to use them. It is generally used in the business where there is complex machinery. The employees are given training on mock machines so that they can learn properly.
  4. Conferences: The employees are motivated to attend conferences and seminars. They are a major source of information about the new industry trends, changing scenarios and the applicability of new rule and regulations. The conferences are generally efficient in profession field.
  5. Business Games: Business games are a kind of simulations. Several business games help the employee widen his knowledge and exercise his brain to solve complex business problems.

The best method to provide training must be selected very carefully taking into consideration the level of company and the complexity in its production processes.

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