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What do you mean by cost center?

Cost center is basically the major department of a company which is concerned with the adding up to the cost of running a business operation and usually does not produces any direct profit for the company. Cost centers are an important part of the business running as it helps in improving the customer satisfaction and also help in adding up the more sales to the total sales of the company. On the other side, the employees and the manager of cost center are not the accountable levels for the profit it earns for the company and the also the decision making on the investments as well as the cost responsibility. The managers and employees are moreover responsible for keeping the cost margin line low and the budget also low for the reason because the cost center does not take responsibility of producing the profit or anything directly from its operations. The actual expenses incurred and the expenses which were already in budget are studied and analyzed and various deductions are made from them. The performance of the manager is also accessed with that difference. The cost center is controlled by the cost wholly.

What are the different types of cost centers?

1. Production cost centers

Production costs centers are basically where all the products and the goods are manufactured as well as processed into making the final form of it. It is an important part of the company, all the work forces come under this department making its work force quite high.

2. Service cost center

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This refers to the cost center where services are provided to the other cot centers residing in one company. The services can small or big depending on the operation and size of the cost center. An example of this is the canteen for the personnel department of production cost center.

Some of the fine examples of the cost centers are the departments of Human resources, Research development, Work Office, Quality assurance department, customer care department and the Marketing department.

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What do you mean by function specific cost benefit?

One of the most important function of the cost center is to track the budget expenditures which re associated with a particular function program. For example, when a call center is taken into consideration as a cot center, the company or the business firm have many options to measure how much it is spending on its helpline number and the online help facilities throughout a year. The cost center takes good effort into building a solid department within a company to ensure the success of the firm. It takes some effort in measuring the approximate cost of supplying the providing service to its clients as doing such thing would result in breaking up of the total personnel unit of the company. The cost center have the sole job of lending out the management to do certain jobs such as the measurement, budget development and the control costs for the each and every specific function.

Resource Allocation

It simply means the ability of a cost center to track of the cost by the specific cost of a function that allows the management in allocating the scarce resources available in a business firm into wiser way. For example, former reports suggest that the each and every new product which is launched by a company have a guarantee of 20% increase in the calls ad contacts to the helpline centers of the company. The customers are very much curious and want to know how to use the product. A good business however, who have the right idea of precise cost of operating contact from the customer and the expenses added with that will compare it with the future profits which are expected from a product which is newly launched in the market. By doing so, for such cost centers and also transforming some into the warranty department, it can direct resources to the most profitable business activities an can help reap the future benefits for the firm.

What are the benefits of the cost centers?

The main advantages of a cost center are:

1. It helps in preventing the losses. The cost centers are always getting better and better with time and update process of them is very kindle. It becomes more and more effective and also helps in saving money. It happens so that the companies can also reduce the expenses which are to be incurred. The cost center is responsible for covering all the costs with an offsetting revenue tag by decreasing the expense rate and also by producing the unpredicted nature of revenue for the company and thus preventing any loss.

2. Cost centers are also helpful in increasing the profit and making use of all the resources of the company. If a situation comes and the company has to remove one of the cost centers from the firm then it will impact in a negative effect on the overall performance of the company. For example if the Human resources department is removed from the firm how bad it will affect the new employee recruitment system and process.

3. Another feature of a cost center is that it is monitor efficient which means that the cost centers are very beneficial as long as they all the aspects which are present in a company to be fully resourceful and effective. The goals which are set by the company are completed with due importance. All the operations are monitored closely and analyzed and studied upon to check the changes in work patterns.

4. It also is effective in boosting the confidence of the employees who are working in the company. The delegation of authority which takes place under the authority of seniors and makes the employees accountable for the cost center is a very effective and efficient way of improving the confidence and mind mapping control of the employees.

It is also responsible in making the manager, who is managing all these cost center operations, much more effective and hard working. Managers are assigned with various works, hence challenging their own potentials and making them even better than before. Usually, a single person is held accountable for the operations which are being operated, and in this case it is the work of collecting and comparing the costs which may automatically motivate the manager. It helps the manager in making him or her more productive.

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