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Accounting Assignment Help With BackFlush Costing

What do you mean by Backflush accounting?

Backflush accounting refers to the accounting when the company or the organization has to wait for the completion of manufacturing as well as the production process of the product or service which that particular company produces. After the completion of all these activities, then only the recording of the related things which includes raw material usage and the inventory stock which were initially required in the creation of the product. This type of accounting approach have the advantage of getting clear of all the manually operated and analyzed steps of production. The manual assignments of costs which is to produce. The manual assignment during all the production stages is also avoided and thereby a large amount of time and money is saved. In other words, backflush accounting is simply a different approach of the postproduction issuing of the company’s operations. It is mainly a product costing approach which used as a Just in Time service. It means when the costing related things are delayed until the final goods are fully produced. The standard goods or the processed goods are then theoretically flushed in the back within the system for the assignment of costs to the products. The final result which we get on this is that the detailed tracking of costs which is attached to it is fully eliminated. The journal entries which are to be recorded in the accounting books for this is delayed until the right time, when the product production process is completed. It is recorded even sometimes when the final sale is done. The standard costs are then used as the assign costs to the appropriate units. There are basically two steps of backflush accounting:

  • The number step of this is the detailed virtue of the transaction reports which are produced with the part which serves mainly for the increase of the quantity which is being on hand produced.
  • The second step follows the relieves of the inventory of all the other important component parts which were there in the production process.
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These component part numbers and the quantities which are being taken from the usual Bill of material or BOM.

What are all the requirements of the backflush accounting?

Backflush accounting is an approach which looks very easy on the paper but is very sophisticated and need expertise. Backflush accounts needs some special considerations before approaching it:

1. It requires an accurate production account which means that the total number of finished goods which is being produces within the multiplier unit present in the equation of backflush. Hence, if an incorrect count of goods which are to be finished is being recorded then it will revive an incorrect amount of elements and components and raw materials as well.

2. It require an excellent level of scrap reporting which means that there will be a situation of inevitably of the usual componential amounts of total scrap which will be there in the production process. They are also called as the rework things. These scraps or reworks are not anticipated while the process is going and thus in the bill of materials. If these are not deleted from the inventory the first thing, then there will be many implications due to this. They will remain in the inventory records unnoticed and then the backflush equation will not account on them as a result.

3. Backflush accounting requires a very accurate bill of the materials. BOM or the bill of materials is a statement which primarily contains a complete collection of the items which is a part of the components and the raw materials used for the production of a product or a service. If in any chance, the bill is inaccurate then the backflush equation which is being set up will make an incorrect calculation of the components from the stock.

4. Backflush accounting also requires a very fast production cycle time. As a matter of fact, backflushing does not tend to remove the main items from the inventory of stocks until the final product has been made and the production process is finally completed. As a result, the inventory records will stay incomplete as it is until the very time of the backflushing process is processed. Hence, a fast production cycle time will ensure the best way for keeping this interval of backflushing very short as possible. When a backflushing system is undergoing, then the total recorded amount of the total work in process of the inventory.

5. Backflushing is prolonged process which is not suitably operated on a log production process. It takes a quite too long time for all the inventory checking and records which are to be reduced after the overall completion of all the products in the production process. It is also not very suitable for the process of production which induces in the customized products and services, as it would require the main creating of a very new bill of materials or the BOM for which each item is produced.

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What do you mean by Inventory Control?

Inventory control is basically the process which is employed for the maximization of a company’s linear usage of the inventory. The main goal of this method of inventory control is to generate a greater profit rather than normal from the usage of the least amount of the inventory stock and investments. It is done without compromising the customer satisfaction needs and wants. It is noted that the impact of it on the profits of the organization and the customers, the inventory control is altogether regarded as one of the more chief concerns for the business which have a usual than large inventory stock and investments such as the distributors and retailers.

What do you mean by Accounting Inventory methods?

Accounting inventory methods basically means the raw materials, the finished goods, the work in process of the production department of the from which has a hand-on on its very own production process for the exclusive sale to the customers. Inventory is considered an asset, so the accountant must consistently use a valid method for assigning costs to inventory in order to record it as an asset.

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