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7.6 Pressure-Volume Work

7.6.1 Work Done in Reversible Isothermal Expansion

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dw = – (Pext – dp). dV

= – Pext. dV = – PdV

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w = – nRT ln chemistry utor

w = – 2.303 nRT log chemistry utor

Since temp is constant therefore P1V1=P2V2 general chemistry help

wrev = – 2.303 nRT log college chemistry help

7.6.2 Irreversible Isothermal Process

w = – Pext(V2 – V1)

Pext is less than the pressure of the gas, the work done during intermediate expansion is numerically less than during reversible isothermal expansion.

7.6.3 Reversible Adiabatic Process

Work done = science tutor

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