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7.12 Enthalpy of Phase Transition

(i) Enthalpy of Fusion

It is the enthalpy change involved in the conversion of one mole of a substance from solid state to liquid state at its melting point. This equals latent heat of fusion per gram multiplied by the molar mass. For example,

H2O(s) ® H2O(l); DH = 1.44 kcal/mol

(ii) Enthalpy of vapourisation

It is the enthalpy change involved in converting one mole of the substance from liquid state to gaseous state at its boiling point. For example,

Chemistry Assignment Help Order Now H2O(l) ® H2O(g); DH = 10.5 kcal/mol

(iii) Enthalpy of sublimation

It is the enthalpy change involved in the conversion of one mole of a solid directly into its vapour at a given temperature below its melting point. For exmaple,

I2(s) ® I2(g); DH = 14.9 kcal/mol

DHSublimation = DHfusion + DHVapourization

(iv) Heat of Atomisation

The amount of heat required for the formation of one mole of atoms in gaseous state from its elements is known as heat of atomization of that element.

C(s) ® C(g); DH = 171.7 kcal/mol

H2(g) ® 2H(g); DH = 104 kcal

In this case, heat of atomization of hydrogen is 52 kcal/mol.

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