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7.11 Enthalpy or Heat of Neutralization

The amount of heat evolved when one gram equivalent of an acid is completely neutralised by one gram equivalent of a base in dilute solution is called heat of neutralisation. For example,

HNO3(aqueous) + NaOH(aqueous) heat of neutralization  NaNO3(aqueous) + H2O(l); DH = – 13.7 kcal

Heat of neutralisation of a strong acid and a strong base is 13.7 kcal, or 57 kJ. The constant value is due to the fact that heat of neutralisation of strong acid and strong base is merely the heat of formation of H2O from H+ of an acid and OH– of a base.

Weak acids (or weak base) are ionized to a small extent in solutions. Acetic acid, being a weak acid, is only partially ionized in solution.

Chemistry Assignment Help Order Now CH3COOH (aq) heat of neutralization CH3COO¯ (aq) + H+ (aq) DH° = + 2.2 kJ

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