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Other Indicators

These are often used to obtain a view of overall market sentiment by technical analysts.

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1. Breadth of Market: This measures the number of securities that have risen versus the number that have declined. This can be measured by following the advance-decline series which is the net advances, or declines, relative to the market to see if they move in the same direction. If they move together is shows that the market move is broadly based, if not, it indicates that the market is near a peak or trough.

2. Short interest ratio: This is equal to the outstanding short interest/average daily trading volume. A high ratio is considered bullish since potentially the short sellers will need to buy back stock in the market.

3. Share prices relative to moving average: If more than 80% of stocks are above the 200- day moving average then the market is overbought. If less than 20% of stocks are above the 200-day moving average then the market is oversold.

4. Block uptick - downtick ratio: This is an indicator of institutional sentiment. A low ratio indicates an oversold market and a high ratio indicates an overbought market.

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