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Organizational culture and marketing

Marketing Assignment Help Order Now While the marketing process in terms of the five key sub processes remains more or less consistent throughout, how that process is managed must be congruent with the current organizational culture. The alternative to this would be take steps to change the company culture and make it more amenable to a particular planning process. Since culture tends to act to maintain the existing power structure and hence the status quo, marketing planning and implementation interventions in companies must be recognized as having a ‘political’ dimension; that is to say, the motivations behind them are not purely educational or commercial. Not least among the political issues is the question of whether or not a company’s management style can adapt sufficiently to enable the marketing process to deliver the rewards it promises.

Marketing's role in bringing the organization closer to customers, and thus in growing long-term and profitable customer relationships, is crucial to the success of the organization. This role is best fulfilled where marketing is treated as an integrated philosophy, discipline and function within the enterprise. It can, and should, both drive and support all other organizational activities in helping to achieve the overall corporate objectives. Thus, creating and maintaining a culture and climate within the organization that is conducive to value-based initiatives is the responsibility of marketing as much as, if not more than, any other aspect of the business. In seeking to achieve the right organizational culture, the following five criteria are suggested as essential features of a good marketing organization. Its culture must be innovative; engaging; inclusive; rewarding; and empowering.

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