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3.4 Mosley Experiment

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Moseley a brilliant student of Rutherford, in 1913 made the first detailed study of the characteristic x-ray spectrum emitted by different elements and showed that the square root of the frequency (automic structure) of a spectral line is directly related with the nuclear charge (Z), if the excitation potential is fixed.
When a graph was plotted between root of the frequency × 10–8 and the atomic number (Z), a straight line was obtained.
The results obtained led to the suggestion that (root of the frequency) must be directly proportional to the atomic number of an element.
Mosley Experiment

automic structureµ Z

To give accurate results, Mosley modified this equation as

root of the frequencyµ (Zb)

where b is a constant and is known as screening constant. For Ka and Kb lines, b = 1.

Hence, automic-structure = a(Z – 1).....(1)

where a is proportionality constant.
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