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9.6 Molecular Conductivity

Molar conductance of a solution at a dilution V is defined as the conductance of all the ions produced from one mole of the electrolyte dissolved in V. c.c. of the solution when the electrodes are 1 cm apart and the area of the electrodes is so large that whole of the solution is contained between them. It is denoted by m. Like equivalent conductance, it is related to electrolytic conductivity (specific conductance) as below

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or molar conductance (M is molarity of the solution)

where k is the electrolytic conductivity, V is the volume of the solution containing 1 mole of the electrolyte and c is the molar concentration, i.e. the number of moles dissolved per litre.

The units of molar conductance are ohm–1 cm2 mole–1

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