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It is the branch of science that explores the internal organization and processes of living body.

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Living body is made of cell, tissues and further organized into organ and system. Cells have several functions in the body right from building to processing. Hence, the ordered activity of cell to form various organs and then the manufacture of product that helps in carrying different task is of major concerned in molecular biology.

When we compare any two different forms of life, there are lots of differences that can be figured out. Some have the basic plan whereas others have the complex of all. Hence, the more complex is the setup, the more unrevealed facts it carries. Every now and then when researchers solve one mystery, the next moment a new challenge waits aside. This is not only in case of animals; it applies to plants as well. So, the research in biology is endless and with every new discovery, we get to know more about the structure, functioning and linkage of systems.

challenge waits aside. This is not only in case of animals; it applies to plants as well. So, the research in biology is endless and with every new discovery, we get to know more about the structure, functioning and linkage of systems.

DNA also known as deoxyribonucleic acid and RNA also known as ribo- nucleic acid; have several functions in human body. In fact they are the main hereditary component of living beings and also the chemical components that set up the chain of biochemical reactions. This biochemical reaction includes: receiving of message from external environment, processing it, making required proteins and then generating the output. Therefore, molecular biology is the combination of chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, Virology, oncology and many other fields of biology.

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Though it�s not long that molecular biology has stood as the separate branches, but it covers wide range of topics that are concerned with the functioning of the system. Earlier with the origin of life, the pillar for this arena has been set up. Then the model for DNA was given by Watson and crick and the subject bloomed out opening up the door for researchers to investigate more on the functioning of system. Some of the topics in molecular biology are DNA processing, the use of DNA and RNA in protein making, co-ordination of cell, their products, proof reading etc. Beside this, the use and importance of different enzyme in biochemical reaction, the method of cloning, technique of sequencing, recombination, gene regulation, gene expression, arrangement of genes etc are all covered under the roof of this subject. Students can learn all the basic to advanced techniques and they will come to know that how different types of scientific equipments and biologically important organisms are used to explore the molecular world. There are different animals that are biologically important which are called model organism. Studying this field will help students to link this important organism in the biological processes. Some of the model organism includes E.coli, S.cerevisiae, Drosophilla etc. Presently, the team working in this area has very well achieved the ways to obtain transgenic animals or plants, thus designing them in such a way that they are not affected by any kind of natural factors and pests.

Today, we are well aware that there are different diseases that are prevalent in every nation. So, it is the research work and analytical approaches in this field that we now know ways to cure maximum of them that are hampering the life of people. Beside this, students will come to know the role of DNA and RNA in the body system and their importance in body functioning. The most interesting portion in this subject is the application of different techniques that helps students get the desired data and interpret the correct result. Thus, molecular biology techniques include: blotting, PCR, electrophoresis, and many more. Some of these techniques require simple scientific instruments with more effort and accurateness whereas other requires complex instruments with little of effort along with precision. Presently, field of molecular biology is also linked to mathematics to some extent. It is because there are lots of statical calculations that are applied in different techniques. So, this method of getting the result can be appealing for students who have deeper interest in research work. In fact different techniques of molecular biology can be applied in both the cases; animals and plants.

Molecular biology cannot be pursued by everyone because this subject requires interest, attentiveness and the curiosity to learn new things. Hence, students who are well focused and well established towards their goals can have higher chances of being recognized in this field. Today, research in molecular biology have become a major core of interest and this have established many of its sub- branches like that of gene therapy, molecular genetics, genomics, proteomics and many more. All these sub- fields deal with the genes and proteins that are generated from functioning of cell. If we take an insight into the career opportunity, it slowly rises for the students that can be later paid well as a researcher, lecturer, teacher, technician etc.

Hence, it depends upon the interest and hard- work of students that can help them excel and later earn a reputed post in scientific field.

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The main topics which are considered in molecular biology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Molecular Biology
  2. Mendel's Discoveries
  3. Nucleic Acids Convey Genetic Information
  4. The Structure Of DNA And RNA
  5. The Replication Of DNA
  6. Transcription
  7. Translation
  8. Gene Regulation
  9. DNA Damage and repair

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