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Heredity is controlled by chromosomes, which are the cellular carriers of genes. Gregor Mendel’s experiments explained the basic rules of heredity. He proposed the two most important conclusions of the principles of heredity and transmission.

The principle of Independent segregation and independent assortment which states that the different alleles of a gene do not influence each other’ expression and during the formation of the sex cells they segregate independently which is based on the fact that genes located on different chromosomes behave independently during meiosis.

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The main topics which are considered in molecular biology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Molecular Biology
  2. Mendel's Discoveries
  3. Nucleic Acids Convey Genetic Information
  4. The Structure Of DNA And RNA
  5. The Replication Of DNA
  6. Transcription
  7. Translation
  8. Gene Regulation
  9. DNA Damage and repair

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