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Supply and demand analysis lies at the heart of microeconomics study. In Microeconomics Assignment Help, we assume markets to be perfectly competitive. According to Microeconomics Help, there are large number of buyers and sellers, Easy entry and exit of firms is allowed, firms produce homogenous products and there is complete symmetry of information in the market. Assumptions of Microeconomics Help though are far from being practical provide sufficient theoretical framework to analyze the functioning of an Economy.

Below is the curve of supply and demand which shows how price varies in microeconomics.

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For Microeconomics Assignment Help there are plethora of theories developed in the field of microeconomics, some are studied from consumer perspective known as consumer choice and some from producer’s perspective known as producer’s choice. For Microeconomics, Consumer Choice studies the way consumer would allocate his income. In Microeconomics we build upon concepts like budget constraint and Indifference curve. In Microeconomics, the consumer is assumed to be rational in making his choice and maximizing the utility. In Microeconomics Help, by production choice we assume that the firm always seeks profit maximization and has to choose what quantity of output to produce and sometimes even the price. In Microeconomics Assignment Help we study various types of cost curves of a firm that determine supply curve at firm and industry level. In Microeconomics Help, we also study various forms of market structure that affect the market demand faced by an individual firm in that Economy. In Microeconomics Help, types of market structures that we study include perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. In Microeconomics Help, welfare economics deals with finding out aggregate level of welfare in the economy for  given income distribution. Here we study about social welfare function which ranks different income distributions according to our preference. In Microeconomics Help, some governments might prefer more equity over more of total income while some may prefer the way round. In Microeconomics Help, Rawlsian social welfare function describes the former choice while classic utilitarian social function describes the latter.

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Microeconomics Assignment Help

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