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The AP Biology Assignment was redesigned in fall 2012. The new AP Biology Assignment is much more skill oriented, tests scientific practices along with principles and promotes thinking and reasoning essential for college level Biology study. Our online Biology tutors have prepared extensive AP Biology Assignment guides along with exam description manuals for AP Biology which is available for free for our users. The AP Biology lab manual resource file features downloadable AP Biology investigative lab manual featuring important information along with lab resources for inquiry based AP Biology lab experiments. Most AP Biology students have troubles in the quantitative aspects of this Assignment. Assignmenthelp.net tutors have prepared extensive study guides and exams practice manuals to help AP biology students with quantitative questions. AP Biology mathematical formula list is also available on assignmenthelp.net.

At Assignmenthelp.net, leading Biology professionals and tutors have come together to prepare for our students various AP Biology exam preparation guides. These AP Biology study guides not only feature the Assignment content and practice material and assessments, but also have important students resources such as study plans, how to guides, Biology textbook reviews and recommendations, AP Biology FAQs, AP biology exam tips and techniques, important notes and information to help you achieve high grades in AP Biology. These guides will help every AP Biology student get a perspective on planning their studies and getting the most efficiency out of their study time.

From May 2013 onwards, the focus of AP Biology exam has been bent towards assessing the student's understanding of Biological principles and processes through a combination of 63 multiple-choice questions, 2 free-response questions (including a lab/ data based question) as well as the newly added 6 grid-in question types (both discrete questions and combining mathematics and Biology) and 6 short free-response questions formats of arguments and reasoning. The AP Biology exam is of 3 hours duration and analyzes students based on quantitative numerical solving, developing and interpreting Biology models, answering conceptual questions based on reasoning and justifications, designing and describing experiments as well as analyzing data. Our Biology tutors have designed several practice exams featuring all the question formats of AP Biology to make sure the students get enough hands on practice before they appear for the actual AP Biology exam. Students can also get these practice questions and model AP Biology test papers graded by our tutors and obtain feedback of professional Biology tutors. This will enable students to get a fair idea of their preparations and help them analyze their strength and weakness in time.

The AP Biology Assignment is cornered on 4 major ideas in Biology : Evolution to explain the diversity and unity of life; utilization of free energy and molecular building blocks by Biological to grow, reproduce and maintain homeostasis; life processes and information reception, transmission, storage and response; and interaction among various Biological processes and their properties.

Our Online Biology tutors have designed various study modules related to the AP Biology Assignment content especially for quantitative techniques of AP Biology and historical facts on Genetics, various interactive audio-video slide shows on Genetics and formation of Genes and Proteins. We also have study modules for Cell Signaling, Evolutions and diversity, Mendelian Genetics, DNA models, Gastrulation, Black Death, Spanish Flu, Contribution of Rosalind Franklin and other Women Scientists, Meiosis and Mitosis, Mitotic Spindle Formation visuals, Ecology, Epidemiology and various other important topics covered in AP Biology. Students can now also order our AP Biology laboratory manual which features all Biology lab activities as well as interactive slides and movies for information visualizations and lab practical demonstrations.

Biology teachers can also contact us and get our free Biology resource guides for teachers. This guide for Biology teachers features professional and expert reviews of Biology books, Biology software and guides on utilizing this software in AP Biology class. We also offer Pre-made AP Biology practice tests in Easy, Medium and Difficult levels which can be directly used in classrooms by Biology teachers for assessment of students. These practice test sets come complete with solution manuals as well.

Students interested in studying AP Biology must start preparing for a solid foundation in their pre-AP years. Our Pre-AP Biology study guide features textbooks, resources and concepts that will prepare you for AP Biology right from the start and help you develop strong conceptual foundations as well as required Biology skills.

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