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Carbon is important constituent of atmosphere. It is present in different form in the environment and the earth crust. Beside this, carbon dioxide has several importances for living beings. In plants, carbon along with water forms many compounds that help in the process of photosynthesis. It also helps to trap heat from the sun within the earth so as to keep the atmosphere warm.

carbon dioxide present in the air is also bought down to the earth by the rain water which then changes into carbonic acid and is absorbed by the rocks and many of the hard substances. Likewise, in the surface of the earth carbon is present everywhere. It is present in the soil in inorganic form like that of calcium carbonate. Other than this, plants also takes carbon form the air in the form of carbon dioxide which gets transferred to the other living beings like animals and human who eat plants or the plant products. Similarly, the forms of carbon present in soil and other organisms living on land is returned back to the atmosphere during the process of respiration. Large amount of carbon is also found in the ocean. . Mostly, organic carbon can be found in the ocean. The presence of carbon in ocean is due to the respiration or photosynthesis by water animals and plants. Absorption of carbon of the air by rain water also keeps carbon in water in dissolved form. Beside this, many aquatic animals have body parts made up of calcium carbonate that is also one of the forms of carbon. Hence, if we see the complete data, it makes clear that around 71% of carbon is found dissolved in the oceans in different ways. Beside this, some amount of carbon is also released by the decomposition of waste materials and dead materials that are contributed by the decomposers.

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the carbon cycle

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Therefore, the main source of carbon is the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere where it is found in different forms like coal, petroleum, carbonates in rocks and many more.

Anything in excess can be harmful; likewise if the content of carbon increases it can also create misbalance in the atmosphere. Presently, urbanization and industrialization is increasing day by day. Due to this, maximum trees are cut down due to which release of carbon in atmosphere is excess than its utilization. Increasing factories, industries, vehicles and many of other form have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and when the amount of co2 increases, it creates different kinds of problems. Human beings suffer from different types of lungs diseases having problem in breathing. Beside this, increasing carbon dioxide also traps more heat of the sun thus, increasing the temperature of the earth above the normal. This result in greenhouse, where heat energy is trapped form the sun but it is not send back. This keeps the life of living beings in great risk.

Therefore, it is important to control the use of substances that increases carbon dioxide in the air. Like, burning of fossil fuels must be reduced; factories and industries must be set up far from the living area, discarding use of old vehicles and many more of such substances. This will control the amount of liberated carbon dioxide in air. Most importantly, plating more and more trees to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide and hence it content. Therefore this will maintain the balance of gases in the atmosphere.