Ecology Assignment

What does ecology mean?

Environment has all the things necessary for life; air, water, soil, plants etc. It would be impossible to survive without these components on the earth. On one hand, air is important for respiration whereas water for restoration of body fluid. On the other hand, soil is important for growth of plants which in turn benefits us by providing food. Hence, there lies a close relationship between these environmental component and living forms. Ecology is the branch of science that shows the relationship and interaction between the environmental components.

What can be studied under ecology?

Assignmenting ecology benefits us with lots of ideas and statistical research on different area. It provides knowledge on population and reasons for the fluctuations. Students learn to calculate the growth or decline of population in statistical way applying different ecological principles. Though initially, different terms in ecology may sound unfamiliar, but once students get the data on the required subject, they will understand the meaning of these terms and will enjoy working with given equations. There are different branches in Ecology that are derived on the basis of different subject matter. This can be well explained with the following flow chart:


These are some of the branches and sub-branches of ecology that have been named according to the ecological relationship established between different groups. So, students can have chances of learning such interesting things in the practical form. Each of these terms clearly explains the association that is set between different layer of environment or different environmental components. Like the forest ecology that denotes presence of different vegetations in the forest, their adaptation to climate and relationship with other organism inhabiting the forest area.

Why should we study ecology?

Human beings are intelligent living creature on the earth, so getting knowledge on ecological world will help them remain connected with the nature. They will learn the importance of healthy life and sustainable development and the factors that affects the relationship of one species with the other. Therefore, this understanding will equip them with the idea of protecting nature and all the natural components.

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Day by day, population is increasing and all the modern technique and instruments have added pollution to the environmental elements, which can be air, water or soil. Since the carrying capacity of earth is limited, the use of unlimited resources has created unnecessary environmental problems which have affected life of thousands of people around the globe. If relationship between environment and living beings is understood, then it becomes easy to manage the resources around us.

Understanding the concept of food chain, food web, ecological niche, mutualism, commensalism, nitrogen cycle, etc will help to get information about the ways to remain properly connected with the nature. We will come to know the reasons for imbalance in the ecosystem and the ways to restore the lost connectivity, in order to keep up the natural cycle.

The person who does major in this field is termed as ecologist. An ecologist can have many functions and responsibilities for the society. Hence ecologist works on many such disasters eliminating the root cause of it and planning for all possible ways to restore back the natural beauty.

There are wide scope career options for students pursuing ecology. Students can choose any of the field according to their interest. Some of them includes: population ecology, marine ecology, behavioral ecology, agro ecology, human ecology, social ecology, ecological engineering, paleoecology, community ecology, conservational ecology and many more. These are only few listed field of ecology; students can look for more such areas in ecology and pursue it as per their interest in the subject.

Since, nature is a major concern for people around the globe; so is the relationship of living beings with the nature. Hence, the field of ecology is growing every day and students can be sure of bright career and well established future.

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