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What is greenhouse?

Greenhouse is the place or a house that is generally made of glass. It has several plants inside it and works on different new technologies to trap the heat from the sun. Therefore, the main purpose of greenhouse is the trap some heat so that plants can grow well even in the cold condition. Usually, not all the heat can be trapped nor all the heat that is trapped remain within the house, rather lots of heat gets reflected back and even some amount gets absorbed. So, in this process plants get the warm temperature for the necessary production.

Earth as a natural greenhouse

Earth is a natural greenhouse. The energy from the sun is trapped in the form of heat and light inside the earth. This heat keeps the atmosphere of the earth warm and is also absorbed by many substances present in the earth like the process of photosynthesis, absorption; evaporation all requires heat of the sun. This energy from the sun is absorbed and also used by the surface of the earth. But at the same time some of the energy is also reflected back by many substances like cloud and ice. The energy from the sun comes at high intensity. But some about of energy is re- emitted back with low intensity and very slowly. Therefore, like the glass roof of the artificial greenhouse, earth also transmit some energy and absorbs the other, hence called the natural greenhouse.

the greenhouse effect

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Importance of greenhouse

We all know that it is very much important to have warm atmosphere for the survival and existence of living beings. Therefore, greenhouse helps to maintain the warm temperature so that life on the earth becomes possible. Beside this, it also helps in change in climate and maintaining the temperature on the earths surface.

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Increasing greenhouse effect

Greenhouse is supported with the motive of keeping the atmosphere warm, but if the temperature increases more than expected or if the temperature increases beyond the measures, it obviously can result in all the negative stuffs. When the temperature increases to greater extent and heat is trapped within the atmosphere of the earth it is called global warming. There are many gases that are responsible for global warming because increase in the composition of those gases absorbs lots of heat from the sun and thus trapping it inside the earth. These gases are termed as greenhouse gases. They are:

1. Carbon dioxide: the normal composition of co2 in the atmosphere is almost 0.039. But when this gas increase to its normal amount in the atmosphere it traps more heat that results in global warming. The reasons for increasing carbon dioxide are burning of fossil fuel, industries and old vehicle that are still in use.

2. Methane: the composition of methane in the atmosphere is generally very small but in some years it have drastically increase and is the biggest contributor for global warming. The liberation of excess methane gas is due to decomposition of material and cultivation.

3. Chlorofluorocarbon: this is the other main gas responsible for global warming. It is used in production of aluminum, refrigerators and many more of other purposes.

4. Nitrous oxide: the increase use of chemical fertilizer has increased the concentration of this gas to larger extent and has led to global warming.

Only global warming is not the effect of greenhouse, rather increasing temperature on the earth have also resulted in acid rain, climate change, depletion of ozone layer and many more. This have directly or indirectly affected life on the earth and hence creating unpredictable changes in the atmosphere. Different diseases that human suffer are the result of such changes.

Human activities:

Most importantly, we are generally responsible for all these effects and changes that keep our life and life of other living being in danger. Cutting of trees, burning of fossil fuels, burning of wood, use of old vehicles, increasing industrialization, improper deposition of waste have increases the composition of greenhouses gases that in turns traps more heat than usual and increase the temperature on the earth. This increasing temperature invites different calamities and diseases creating risk of life. Therefore, control use of any equipment that produce harmful gases must be done and along with that plantation, cleanliness, greenery must be encouraged in country, state and the nation as whole. Only then we can protect the environment and if environment is healthy we will remain away from its harmful effects.