It’s hard to believe that toys for kids have developed so much and changed their form. Most parents keep in memory the lovely toys of their own childhood and are surprised with the unique children’s toys which have become popular these days. They are sometimes afraid that they will spoil their children if they buy them all the toys that they want, while on the other hand, giving your children toys they don’t like is not a good move either. Also, toys are an additional educational and learning tools for kids. However, buying expensive and popular children’s toys doesn’t mean that your child will like them in the first place. Neither it is necessary that toys bought from expensive toy stores can fulfill the educational learning purpose of games and toys.  So, what can a parent do? The answer lies in easy to make homemade toys for kids.

How to make toys at home
Making Toys for Kids at home

Toys for kids have changed…

Children’s toys have certainly come a long a way from those expensive toy shops bought toys which only the richest could afford to give to their children. Now we have practically unlimited options for creative toys no matter what budget unique children’s toys we are looking for. Before you rush into buying things from toys shops that your child likes, keep in mind that sometimes toys are not meant to be just for fun, but various educational learning toys can help your child learn something about themselves and the world around them too.

One thing is for certain – homemade toys for kids and handmade wooden toys were very popular long ago merely because they were cheaper, but they are still popular today. Additionally, making toys for your own child (or making toys with their help) means more to both you and your kids than any ready-made store bought toy ever could. Easy to make homemade toys as well as handmade toys are becoming a new trend among many parents and there are more and more blogs dedicated to this.

Why to choose homemade toys for kids?

Homemade kids toys are great for several reasons. Making toys at home is relatively easy and handmade toys last much longer than store-bought  children toys. Making toys at home is a great and fun activity you can undertake together with your children. Toys making will help to develop your child’s imagination and fuel creativity. DIY toys for kids and toddlers are also generally much safer than the ready-made store bought toys for kids.

You and your child can have fun while making wooden toys together in the first place. Once the kids have made toys themselves, they will cherish it even more. There are a lot of things your children can learn while making fun toys as well as nerdy science toys at home with you.  Think unique children’s toys ideas you want to achieve or simply Google DIY ideas on easy to make toys. Internet is full of free tutorials on how to make homemade toys. If nothing else, give your children some some raw materials and let them create something put of their own imagination.

Your collection of home made toys can always benefit from adding some wooden toys that can be store-bought or can be handmade even from some local wood workshop. Wood is a particularly good material for making handmade toys. Wooden children’s toys can last for decades and be used by more than one generation, enriching emotional values. In addition, if you want to be as ‘green’ as possible, there are handmade wooden toys made from recycled wood too. There is no doubt that wooden toys for kids will make your children happy no matter if they choose wooden bricks, outdoor toys, a rocking horse, a wooden car or a train, jack in the box toy of wood or even simple wooden toy boxes for storage. It will encourage their creativity, artistry and imagination and spark their interest in the crafts and construction based activities.

How to make wooden toys at home
Handmade Wooden Toys for Children

How are homemade children’s toys different?

Of course, you don’t need to be Einstein to understand that store-bought toys for kids have been mass produced for a wide market while handmade toys and handmade wooden toys are made one piece at the time and specially crafted (and even personalized) for your kids, keeping their age, play needs and learning requirements in mind. While it cannot be denied that store-bought toys are ready to be used and played with straightaway, there are always hidden dangers of these toys in form of loose parts and ‘shady’ materials such as lead, low grade plastics and other chocking material which can be poisonous for your children, pets as well as the environment even in small traces. In addition, we have witnessed many toys being withdrawn from the market because of various health and environmental hazards caused by the cheaper toys. Handmade toys, on the other hand, are much safer since you already know everything about their raw material. Also various mass produced toys such as Barbie dolls, video and computer games, heavy violence action games have been repeatedly criticized for stereotypical, violent and age-inappropriate content with little or no educational and learning benefits. Science toy maker and homebased science experiment kits for kids are way better replacement for such toys.

No matter what you have chosen to buy for your children, don’t forget to play with them as much as you can. They will be all grown up before you know it, and you will love the memories of your children and you in a sandbox, playing with clay or surrounded by building blocks. Kids’ toys don’t have to be expensive or eye-catching, your child can have fun playing with the cardboard box as well, and you know that better than anyone. Have toys which can wait for another generation, and your children will remember the moments you have spent together every time they look at them.

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