Working six days a week, running here and there, rushing to the house in a hurry and going out in even more hurry; they are all common sights of our daily schedule. And when we’re students, it gets even trickier, since we’re all at our own. No nanny, no maid, no mother to help us out when we live away from our homes, and a lot of mess to deal with. We are always surrounded with books, equipment, notes, loose sheets, cosmetics, soiled clothes and what not!

To tackle this mess, one must have a spring clean for their place. Spring clean is cleaning up your place or required things for work thoroughly. It covers up all your areas which require a complete clean up. There may be things that you may not be able to find since days, or forgotten where did you keep your notes. Well, good news! You’ll get it all back while spring cleaning.

Students should do this for their room and study place at least once a month. Hey, relax. There is no rocket science behind this. All you have to do to begin with it is to analyze the area well, and make a checklist of all the tasks to be done. Include every small detail, from putting up the bulb in place, piling up the books to cleaning the laundry. Whatever mess you see, just scribble it down in the list and get started.

spring cleaning

Here are some of the suggestions to give you ideas about what places you can work on. Spring up to your toes and get started. It will be even better if your roommate or friend helps you hand, since it can get tiring task too, if there is too much of mess.

  1. Bed

Yeah, that’s the place which becomes your dumping yard. Whether you’re going out and changing, you throw the dress right at your bed, or just keep your notes and stuff on it and just sleep next to them somehow. And slowly, our bed becomes our dumping zone, with so many things on it.

Start picking up whatever you see on it, and put it back to its place. The dresses back to the almirah, the books back to the table or shelf, the cosmetics back to the drawer or your purse and so on. Then take the bedcover and put it for laundry, and place a fresh one on the bed. If possible, change the pillow cover too. When you finish, you’ll feel good that you can finally sleep in a cleaner place.

  1. General clean up

It means the room at an overall look. Dust out those tacky spider webs in the corner; brush off the dust stuck to the ceiling fans, vacuum cleaning of floor mats or rugs, wiping the windows etc. and there are lot more. Though dirt at such places or things doesn’t catch our attention much, but still, it is important to clean them. You won’t like a piece of the dirty web falling on your shoulder otherwise.

  1. Study table

Though we plan how to place our stationary on the study table initially, it gets all mixed up later. And we find it terribly hard to figure out what went where. You might be finding your physics notes since a fortnight or your favorite pen may not be at its place.

To begin with, classify them roughly. For example, take all the books and put them in one corner of the table, preferably one which has support of the wall to help the pile stand. Then take the loose sheets and put them in a folder. Grab all the pencils and other stuff and close them off in a box and keep it on the table. Keep going like this, and your table will be organized again.

  1. Cell phone

Your soul mate too needs a spring clean! Phone is the only thing which accompanies our forever. More than your boyfriend or your best friend. It contains all your important contacts, reminders, to do notes and some dirty secrets too. But they too get bulky and affected if they have too much of files in them. And their speed slows down tremendously.

To avoid such situations, check your phone well. Look for those unnecessary contacts that you don’t need to dial anymore and delete them. If you feel that you may require them someday, write it somewhere and then delete. Let go of the apps you have hoarded but never bothered to regularly use.

Transfer your pictures and videos to your laptop from time to time, as they occupy a lot of space. Do the same for the downloaded files too. Cleanup your chats and messages too. If you think that you still can’t clear your phone properly, get your mobile formatted. But before that, make sure you save all your important files at a safe place, preferably your laptop.

  1. Laundry bag

Alas! This one might give foul smells too. Laundry cleaning must be done at least once a week. It is not only to keep the room clean, but to maintain personal hygiene too. Grab your dirty clothes and take them off for laundry. Also, it is advised to wash your bed sheet and towel too. Put the clean and ironed clothes in the almirah then.

  1. Closet

The shelves where you put all your clothes also becomes into a mess with time. The clothes get here and there, which you are not able to find when you want to wear them. Also, you may have put dirty clothes inside too. Take all of them out. Vacate it, and then start putting them in order. The ones with smell bad or are dirty should be tossed into the laundry bag.

  1. Bag

Believe me, your bag too carries a load of unnecessary things. Do you require all those lipsticks every day? Or those tedious notebook, which is only for one subject? Or did you put your laptop charger in it too?

See that? They don’t need to be with you always. Classify them again. Carry what you need, rather than just giving yourself shoulder pain for things that you don’t require.

  1. Curriculum vitae

Your resume also needs a spring clean. It needs updates about what you are at your current stage. Students especially need to keep updating their resume, since they keep learning new things, which should be added to one’s profile. Add the skills you know, what qualities you are good at and what you aim for.

For those in creative fields such as designing or styling, add your latest work to your portfolio. Strive for the best work and present it well. A creative person should always have new concepts, which makes your work unique. People working with performing arts such as music, modeling and dancing should include their videos, their best performances, reviews about them and their skills while presenting their portfolio. Spring break can also be a good time to add some additional skills to your vitae.

  1. Laptop

A hell lot of junk resides in our laptops. We don’t see if, but it affects the memory and the speed of your system. Go to each drive and see for the files that you do not require now. There will be plenty which you made just for once, or some waste pictures, boring music files that you don’t even listen or some mundane videos.

Delete them.

It helps the system to function better and does not load the hard drive too much.

  1. Vehicle

Having a motorcycle or car? Lucky you! Clean that up too, when you’re going for an overall spring clean. Get your car washed, but you can clean your bike yourself. And it’s fun too. Wipe off all that mud and grease sticking here and there, dust the seats and let your vehicle shine like new. If a servicing is required, get that done too.

Once you do all of these, you’ll feel the difference. It is always better to sleep in a clean bed, wear hygienic clothes, carry a lighter handbag and work faster on your cell phone. A spring clean definitely helps you tackling the mess around you, so that you can keep up with things and put them in order. It is tiring, boring and sometimes, it can get really hectic, but it’s surely worth it.

Know some great tips to help with spring cleaning? We would love to hear from you in comments.

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