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3.2 Types of Matrices:

i) Row Matrix: A matrix having only one row is called row matrix.

Example: A = [ 5 7 ] is a row matrix of order 1 x 2

ii) Column Matrix: A matrix having only one column is called a Column matrix.

column matrixTypes Of Matrices Assignment Help Order Now

iii) Zero or null Matrix: A matrix whose each element is zero is called a zero or a null matrix.

zero or null matrix

A matrix of order n x n is called a square matrix.

v) Diagonal Matrix: A square in which every nondiagonal element is zero, is called a diagonal matrix.

diagonal matrix

It is also written as A = diag [ 1 4 6 ]

vi) Scalar Matrix: In a scalar matrix every nondiagonal element is zero and all diagonal elements are equal.

scalar matrix

vii) Unit Matrix: A scalar matrix in which every nondiagonal element is zero and each diagonal element is 1.

unit matrix

It is also known as identity matrix.

comparable matrix

ix) Equal Matrix: Two or more matrices are said to be equal matrices if they are of the same order and are having same elements.

equal matrix

Since the corresponding elements of equal matrix are equal, therefore;

x = 4 ; y = 5

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