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3.5 Symmetric and Skew-Symmetric matrix

3.5.1 Symmetric matrix: A square matrix A = [aij] is said to be symmetric if its (i, j)th element is the same as its (j, i)th element.

i.e. A = AT

symmetric matrixSymmetric And Skew-Symmetric Matrix Assignment Help Order Now

A = AT

Therefore, A is symmetric matrix.

3.5.2 Skew symmetric matrix: A square matrix A = [aij] is said to be skew-symmetric if the (i, j)th element of A is the negative of the (j, i)th element of A

i.e. A T = -A

skew symmetric matrix

Therefore, AT = -A

Properties of Symmetric and skew-symmetric matrix

  1. i) A square matrix A is said to be skew-symmetric if A' = -A.
  2. ii) The diagonal elements of a skew-symmetric matrix are all zero.


properties of symmetric and skew symmetric matrix

iii) It may be checked that ½ (A +AT) is symmetric and ½ (A - AT) is skew-symmetric for every square matrix A. iv) A = (A +AT)/2 + (A - AT)/2

That is any square matrix can be expressed as the sum of a symmetric matrix and a skew-symmetric matrix.

v) A matrix which is both symmetric and skew symmetric is a zero matrix.

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