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1.7 Specific Heats:

Specific heat capacity, simply called as specific heat, is the measure of heat energy required to increase temperature of a unit amount of substance by certain temperature.

Specific heat capacity, Q = mc∆T Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Order Now molar heat capacity, Q = nc∆T

Factors affecting specific heat:

  • Degrees of freedom
  • per mole of molecules
  • per mole of atoms
  • hydrogen bonds
  • impurities

At constant volume and pressure:

Specific heat at constant volume is denoted by Cv and at constant pressure by Cp.

Cv = ∆U/∆T

Cp = ∆H/∆T

Cp – Cv = R

Specific heats of different types of gases:

Mono atomic gases:

Cv = 1.5R

Cp = 2.5R

Diatomic without vibration:

Cv = 2.5R

Cp = 3.5R

Diatomic with vibration:

Cv = 3.5R

Cp = 4.5R

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