Chemical Engineering Help With Thermodynamics Ideal Gas Behavior

1.8 Ideal Gas Behavior:

Ideal gas equation:
Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Order Now An ideal gas and also mostly all gases at very low pressure follow the following equation:

PV = nRT

As, n = m/M

Thus, PV = mRT/M

also, P = dRT/M

also, PV = NkT

All the gases which follow ideal gas equation are known as ideal gases. This is a hypothetical concept but is helpful in solving various problems in thermodynamics.

Work done during various processes (using ideal gas equation):

Isobaric: W = P(V2 -V1)

Isochoric: W = 0

Isothermic: W = nRTln (V2/V1)

Adiabatic: W = (P2V2 – P1V1)/(γ - 1)

 Other famous concepts and laws in thermodynamics:

l Combined gas laws

l Van der waals equation

l Equation of state

l Third law of thermodynamics

l Carnot cycle

l Gibbs free energy

l Reversible, irreversible systems

l Steady state

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