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1.6 Second Law Of Thermodynamics:

It states that the entropy of an isolated system which is not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time and is maximum at equilibrium.
Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Order Now Mathematically,

ΔS >/= 0

∫dQ/T >/= 0

Other statements of Second law of thermodynamics:

General statement:

In the system, occurring processes tends to increase the entropy of universe.

Clausius statement:

Heat flow from a material at lower temperature to a material at higher temperature cannot be spontaneous.

Kevin statement:

In a cyclic process, it is impossible to convert heat completely into work.

Carnot's theorem:

It can be deduced by Second law of thermodynamics that

“At a particular set of temperatures, for all the reversible engines the efficiency is same and no engine can have more efficiency than this.”

Efficiency, n = 1 – T1/T2

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Carnot Engine

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