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Somatic Hybrids And Cybrids Assignment Help

Somatic hybridization produces symmetric, asymmetric and cybrids. Symmetric hybrids contains the somatic chromosome complements of both the fusion parents while asymmetric hybrids have full somatic complements of one fusion parent and variable number of chromosome from the other fusion parent. Cybrids have the nuclear genome of one fusion parent and cytoplasm of both the parents involved.

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Cytoplasm transfer from one strain into the other can be achieved by somatic hybridization firstly involving fusion between specially treated protoplast of two strains, secondly fusion between protoplast of one strain and cytoplasm of another strain. Cytoplasm can also be transferred by ordering a symmetric hybrid into a back cross programme.

The main topics which are considered in Plant Biotechnology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Large Scale Cultures
  2. Biochemical Production
  3. Enhancing Biomass Yields
  4. Improving Biochemical Production
  5. Biotransformation
  6. Micropropagation
  7. Virus Free Plants
  8. Somaclonal Variation
  9. Haploid Plants
  10. Embryo Rescue
  11. Somatic Hybrids And Cybrids
  12. Germplasm Conservation

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