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Plants are source of a large variety of biochemicals, which are metabolites of both primary and secondary metabolism. But secondary metabolites are of greater interest since they have impressive biological activities like antimicrobial, antibiotic, insecticidal, molluscicidal, hormonal properties, and valuable pharmacological and pharmaceutical activities; in addition, many of them are used as flavors, fragrances, etc. Higher plants are the source of a large number of pharmaceutically important biochemicals; there are at least 25% of the prescribed medicines are solely derived from plants. Some compounds like diterpine alkaloid taxol, trichosanthin and karasurin have extremely valuable properties. Recently, a taxol derivative has been taken to clinical trials.

The main topics which are considered in Plant Biotechnology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Large Scale Cultures
  2. Biochemical Production
  3. Enhancing Biomass Yields
  4. Improving Biochemical Production
  5. Biotransformation
  6. Micropropagation
  7. Virus Free Plants
  8. Somaclonal Variation
  9. Haploid Plants
  10. Embryo Rescue
  11. Somatic Hybrids And Cybrids
  12. Germplasm Conservation

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