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Enhancing Biomass Yields

Virtually all high value biochemicals from cultured plant cells are secondary metabolites, which are usually produced in differentiated cells or organized tissues. Therefore, most such biochemicals are not produced by rapidly cell cultures, and the culture conditions favoring growth suppress biochemical production. There is growth phase for cell biomass accumulation and production phase for biosynthesis and accumulation of biochemicals.

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i) Modification of nutrient medium.

Biomass accumulation can be improved by using optimum culture conditions of which nutrient medium and inoculum size are particularly important.

ii) Use of large inoculum size.

Biomass production can be markedly increased by use of large inoculum size, to give higher initial cell density, in combination with proportionately enriched nutrient medium. e.g., twice the concentration of normal medium for a two-fold increased inoculum size.

The main topics which are considered in Plant Biotechnology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Large Scale Cultures
  2. Biochemical Production
  3. Enhancing Biomass Yields
  4. Improving Biochemical Production
  5. Biotransformation
  6. Micropropagation
  7. Virus Free Plants
  8. Somaclonal Variation
  9. Haploid Plants
  10. Embryo Rescue
  11. Somatic Hybrids And Cybrids
  12. Germplasm Conservation

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