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5.3 Pressure-Depth Relation For Fluids

A fluid is a substance that flows easily as gases and liquids are fluids, although sometimes the dividing line between liquids and solids is not always clear. Fluids can exert buoyant forces, multiply forces in a hydraulic systems, allow aircraft to fly and ships to float because of their ability to flow.
Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Order Now If a fluid is within a container then the depth of an object placed in that fluid can be measured easily. The deeper the object is placed in the fluid, the more pressure it experiences because of pressure-depth relations and this is because is the weight of the fluid above it. The more dense the fluid above it, the more pressure is exerted on the object that is submerged and this is also due to the weight of the fluid.

The formula that gives the P pressure on an object submerged in a fluid(pressure depth relationship) is:

P = r * g * h


l r is the density of the fluid,

l g is the acceleration of gravity

l h is the height of the fluid above the object

If the container is open to the atmosphere above, the added pressure must be included if we need to find the total pressure on an object. The total pressure is the same as absolute pressure calculated by pressure gauges readings, while the gauge pressure is the same as the fluid pressure alone, not including atmospheric pressure.

Ptotal= Patmosphere+ Pfluid

Ptotal;= Patmosphere+ ( r * g * h )

Pascal is the unit of pressure in the metric system. It represents 1 newton/metre2

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