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5.7 Mass, Energy And Momentum Balance

The law of conservation of mass is called a mass or a material balance.

Mass In = Mass Out + Mass Stored

Raw Materials = Products + Wastes + Stored Materials.
Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Order Now ΣmR= ΣmP + ΣmW + ΣmS

(where Σ(sigma) denotes the sum of all terms).

ΣmR = ΣmR1 + Σ mR2 + ΣmR3 = Total Raw Materials

ΣmP = ΣmP1 + Σ mP2 + ΣmP3 = Total Products

ΣmW = ΣmW1 + Σ mW2 + ΣmW3 = Total Waste Products

ΣmS = ΣmS1 + Σ mS2 + ΣmS3 = Total Stored Products.

Raw Materials = Products + Waste Products + Stored Products + Losses

Energy balance:

Energy In = Energy Out + Energy Stored



ΣER = ER1 + ER2 + ER3 + . = Total Energy Entering

ΣEP = EP1+ EP2 + EP3 + . = Total Energy Leaving with Products

ΣEW = EW1+ EW2 + EW3 + = Total Energy Leaving with Waste Materials

ΣEL = EL1+ EL2+ EL3 + . = Total Energy Lost to Surroundings

ΣES= ES1+ ES2+ ES3 + . = Total Stored Energy in the process

Momentum balance:

If force on a system is zero then:

initial momentum = final momentum

m * v = constant

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